Pretend Play Toys Gift Ideas for 2021

In a world of bigger and bigger screens, a child’s imagination is still their best resource for growing up. Pretend play contributes to social and emotional development and it’s fun! That’s why imagination is the power and inspiration behind everything we do at Battat, and our pretend play gift guide can help bring that magic home this holiday season.

Battat Calculating Cash Register

Ding! Would mommy like anything else with that? This calculating cash register turns any room into a checkout line and an opportunity to practice counting skills. Kiddos can scan and ring up toys, couch cushions, and even the cat! Creative children ages 3 and up will love opening a make-believe business at home.

The register features a working calculator kids can tap away on and the till fits actual US bills so they can charge a fair price!

Battat Grocery Cart

Shop for ingredients to make snack time a-mazing! The Battat Grocery Cart is sized just right for toddlers to push down imaginary aisles and comes with plenty of pretend products and produce. Also, role-playing a grown-up shopping trip can help little ones build social skills like expressing preferences and asking polite questions.

They’ll also love unpacking their cart and imagining the dreamy (and healthy) snacks they could be eating!

Busy Builder’s Tool Box

Little hands are about to get handy with the fully loaded Busy Builder’s Tool Box by Battat! This construction toy is a toolbox and workbench rolled into one and is ready for pretend fixes around the house. Little helpers will master lessons like lefty loosey and righty tightey in no time.

No repairs to be done, no problem! Kiddos can use the built-in workbench to work on imaginary projects with the included manual drill!

Take-Apart Airplane

Ready for take-off? Not before you build the plane! Our take-apart airplane is a construction toy for toddlers who find fun in the details. The working power drill and bits let kids disassemble 21 plane parts and put it all back together again, which is a real fine motor skill workout!

Master the Take-Apart Airplane and become a triple threat – engineer, mechanic, and pilot. Imagine that!

Do you have a fantastic pretend play idea? Share it with us over at @battattoys!