Classic Wooden Toys for a Happy Holiday

Have you ever wondered what makes wooden toys so special? Maybe it’s because wood is a natural and renewable resource you can feel good about. Or it might be the long tradition of wooden crafts that connects us to the past. Whatever it is, there’s no denying that a good wooden toy is fun and makes a great gift!

Pound & Count Bench

Tac, tac, boom! Count ‘em up and pound ‘em down with the solid Pound & Count Bench. Colorful and expressive pegs count up from 1 to 10 and pound down easily thanks to the tiny mallet, but it gets tricky! Pound a peg, and another pops up – surprise!

Hands-on wooden pounding pegs are a fun and safe way for small kiddos to learn cause-and-effect and get familiar with various emotions.

Wild Ridge Train Set

All abooooard the wild ridge express, a classic train set with a wilderness twist! The Wild Ridge Train Set lets kids’ imaginations run free through mountains and Main Street. Plenty of track means the 3-piece magnetic train is free to roam the landscape of any play area and still arrive at the station on time!

And thanks to the solid wooden construction, this train set will keep choo-choo-ing on through the years.

Count & Sort Cube

Classic learning play, but cubed! The Count & Sort Cube features loads of wooden shapes to build matching and fine motor skills. All the fun shapes are also numbered, so you can help kiddos order their shape-sorting adventure and master their 1-2-3s!

This wooden shape sorter is solid but also subtle, with smooth edges and soft colors. When playtime is over, simply put it on a shelf and enjoy!

Wooden Vehicles

Is there anything cuter than the sight of a dimpled little hand squeezing a tiny, well-loved toy tight? How about 6 opportunities to catch that “Aww!” moment! This set of classic wooden vehicles has something to transport every little car-lover, featuring 6 toddler favorites like the bulldozer, police car, and even a news helicopter!

With colorful details, working wheels, and compact size, these wooden toys will know what it means to be someone’s favorite!

Wood is wonderful, isn’t it? Share your kids’ favorites (or your best wooden toys memories) with us at @battattoys!