At Battat, we like to think outside the toy box!

Childhood is a time to be bold and curious, and Battat aims to be there every step of the way. We’re a family-owned business, established in 1897. Today, our goal is to be bigger than a toy company. How so? With a full range of preschool toys that are as playful as they’re educational. Toys that offer a ton of possibilities and endless discoveries. Battat’s main operations are located in Montreal, a vibrant city immersed in culture and diversity. As for our toys, you can find them in playrooms all around the world. We make kids giggle in more than 62 countries!

Battat is powered by imagination

Every bubble. Every firefly. Every hop. Every skip. Every let’s pretend. Every one more time. This is the magic we work hard to craft into every Battat toy. Go ahead, hold one to your ear. You can hear a starfish giggle.

High-quality toys priced to include everyone

Designed for little hands and big dreams, Battat toys have sold for over 50 years without TV advertising campaigns. They sell through much more powerful methods: mom-to-mom conversations in playgrounds, teachers' experience in classrooms, and kids' pure enjoyment. We have built our reputation over the years by delivering high quality, durability, design, and value to the children of the world.