Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween night is fast approaching, and trick or treatin’ should be more fun than frightful. That’s why we’re opening our bag of tricks to share quick and easy (and cute!) Halloween costume ideas for kiddos. If collecting candy wasn’t already exciting enough, little ones can also bring along a favorite toy to complete these last-minute costumes!


The Little Pop Star

Does your little one love the spotlight? Then put them center stage this Halloween as a star performer who always hits those sweet notes! This costume can be as elaborate as the materials you have access to (did somebody say rhinestones?) or as simple as a bit of hair and makeup work. Here are some quick and easy options if you’re in a hurry:

  • First, tease out your little one’s hair or add gel for a slick look.
  • Next, paint a glitter star on your pint-sized star’s face for some flash.
  • Then, accessorize with the Musical Light Show Mic to put on an impromptu show and stay visible with its glowing light ring!

And the reward for putting on a good show? Fistfuls of candy!

The Golfer-in-Waiting

If your toddler is on the quieter side but still appreciates being applauded when they do a good job, then maybe it’s time for them to grab a set of clubs and get that candy. The great thing about this costume is how it makes use of everyday clothing. And we have a surprise to complete the look that won’t require a caddy! Here’s how to tee off in time for Halloween:

The Tiny Guitar Legend

Does your kiddo play air guitar whenever you turn the music up? Dressing up your wannabe rocker is easier than you think! Two classic looks are ‘Big Hair’ or ‘Top Hat.’ Both are easy to put together with a few accessories – and a guitar, of course!

  • For the Big Hair style, find a long-haired wig and pair it with a denim jacket or sleeveless vest, depending on the weather.
  • Little ones going for the Top Hat guitarist style will need a suitably silly hat and a blazer. Rolling up the sleeves is a great look but optional!
  • Finally, our lightweight and colorful Lil’ Rocker’s Guitar completes either look in style.

The only thing missing is roadies (or parents) to make sure the tiny star plays lots of front porch shows and brings in a giant candy haul!

The Future Doctor

Sometimes you need a last-minute Halloween costume right now. Because we know any celebration can involve one thousand and one things for the grown-ups to take care of, we’ve saved the most effortless outfit for last. Dress up your favorite future medical professional with our one-step Little Doctor’s Kit! It’s a highly effective treatment for last-minute costume scares.

The best part? The costume comes with lots of toy doctor’s accessories, so it will do double duty as a fun pretend-play toy well past Halloween night.

Now, unwrap a chocolate pumpkin treat and just sit and enjoy it. No tricks here! Halloween costume planning is finished, and it’s time to think about which candies the grown-ups will be sampling once the trick or treaters are all in bed. Let us know your favorite candy and what your little one’s dressed up as over at @battattoys!