Building Social & Emotional Skills with Pretend Play Toys

It’s hard to imagine growing up without pretend play and for good reason! Along with building language and motor skills, pretend play can boost little ones’ social and emotional development. Turning objects into something magical or role-playing as someone else allows kids to develop empathy, explore emotions, and so much more! To inspire imaginative make-believe moments, we’re highlighting 3 of our pretend play toys that can nurture your child’s imagination and support their social and emotional development. 

1. Little Doctor’s Kit

Mr. Teddy Bear is here for his check-up! With realistic medical tools and a doctor’s outfit, our Little Doctor’s Kit makes it easy for your child to step into a doctor’s shoes. In this role, your toddler can explore what it’s like to take care of others — encourage them to check Teddy’s temperature with the thermometer and listen to his heartbeat with the stethoscope! But what if Teddy is a bit worried? This pretend play scenario gives kiddos the opportunity to understand others’ feelings and practice empathy. Plus, switching roles from patient to doctor can help them lessen their own nerves around doctor’s visits! 

2. Busy Builder’s Tool Box

Build a big imaginary table, build curiosity, and build social and emotional skills with our Busy Builder Tool Box! Realistic and kid-friendly, these toy tools are great props for pretend play. From an auto mechanic to a construction worker, there are endless roles your kiddo can immerse themselves in! They’ll be able to discover their interests and get a boost of confidence as they try out different occupations. Immersive role-play also gives children a chance to explore both smiley and frowny emotions — what if their pretend table just won’t stand up straight? They can learn to communicate frustration and develop self-regulation skills. 

3. Battat Grocery Cart

Realistic play food items? Check! A kid-friendly shopping cart? Check! The Battat Grocery Cart checks everything off your pretend play shopping list. All that’s missing is a playtime partner — and you can be the one to enrich your kiddo’s pretend play by participating in their imaginary world! Try putting them in charge of the grocery shopping for a big make-believe meal — they can learn responsibility as they leave no item on the list un-ticked! After that, it’s time to prepare your delicious pretend dishes together. As you and your little one cook up a storm, they’ll be learning to take turns and work collaboratively. Dinner is served! 

How does your little one play pretend with these toys? Let us know @battattoys!