How Kids Can Connect with Friends, From a Distance

There are big ships and small ships…but the best ship is friendship! With a little creativity, there are lots of fun ways kids can connect in our new reality. Whether that involves setting up a play date virtually or sending a homemade craft via snail mail, kids can show their friends they care from the comfort of their homesDistance doesn’t stand a chance against the power of friendship! 

1. Virtual Playdate

With a little help from today’s technology, your little one can spend quality time with their friends, right at home. Set up your computer, organize a video call with one or more of your child’s friends, and let the fun begin! You can still incorporate your little one’s favorite playdate activities during these calls. Try organizing a virtual talent show with a few of your kiddo’s friends — kids can get a boost of self-confidence by showing off their unique talents while celebrating their friends and cheering them on. If the children on the call are interested in STEM, you could also bring the science lab home with a toddler-friendly science experiment! With a little help from the parents, your little one and their virtual lab partner could follow the steps of a simple experiment and experience the magic of science together! 

2. DIY Gift

What says “I care about you” more than a handmade gift? Gather up arts & crafts supplies you have around the house and start crafting! With just paper and colorful markers, your kiddo can make a thoughtful card or letter for their friends. They can show their buddies just how special they are through caring compliments simply encourage them to jot down some of their favorite things about their pals. For a wearable piece of friendship, try making and sending DIY friendship bracelets! Your little one could keep one, send the rest, and feel connected to their BFFs with their new custom accessoryWhatever their imagination whips up, DIY gifts are a great way for your kiddo to get creative and show their friends how much they appreciate them. 

3. “Storytime Club”

Even though kids might be physically apart from their friends right now, they can still explore imaginary worlds together through story time! Connect with other parents to organize a “storytime club”a storybook reading schedule, so kids can be immersed in the same exciting tales, at the same time! After reading a book, set up a video call, where your little one and their friends can discuss the riveting adventure they were just told. Ask them who their favorite characters were and what part of the story they liked the best — this also makes for a great language skill building exercise! Kids can feel connected having experienced something “together.” Plenty fantastical journeys await — where will you go first?

How are your kids creatively connecting with their friends right now? Let us know @battattoys.