5 Educational Toys to Add to Easter Baskets

Looking for something that will satisfy your child’s sweet tooth for learning this Easter? Add a little educational fun to their basket this year with these 5 fun toys. From fine motor skill development to early mathematical learning, their developmental and educational benefits can help your little one’s mind bloom!  

1. Wooden Train Sets

Cute, classic, and colorful, these lil’ wooden trains make a great addition to any kids’ Easter basket. Your child can deliver imaginary chocolate eggs and treats with our Wooden Locomotives & Freight Cars or help the Easter Bunny travel to make-believe pastures with the Wooden Passenger Trains! With 6 pieces in each set, you can split the toy trains between baskets or gift them all to one lucky lil’ conductor. They can connect them all by magnet, roll them around the house, and build their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while they’re at it! Kids can learn so many skills with toy trains—check out our previous blog post to learn more about their developmental benefits. 


2. Numbers & Colors Gumball Machine

Let our Numbers & Colors Gumball Machine be the star of your child’s Easter basket and watch them bubble over with excitement! This gumball machine toy offers a sweet hands-on demonstration of cause-and-effect: after your kiddo presses the lever or turns the key, they can watch the balls zoom out the flap door! For a fun Easter activity, try using the balls in an educational egg hunt—hide them around the house or in the yard, then ask your little one to name each ball’s color and number as they find them. You could also encourage older kiddos to add up all the numbers at the end of the hunt for some math practice! 

3. Pop-Up Pals

Is your toddler curious about the Easter Bunny and their lamb and chick friends? Take this opportunity to teach them all about animals with our Pop-Up Pals! There are 4 friendly animals to discover: a lion, elephant, bear, and dog! Ask your little one: what sound does each animal make? Where could they live? And what do they eat? This early learning toy is also great for developing fine motor skills—each button is different! As your child slides, turns, presses, and pushes them, they’ll be practicing fine movements in their hands, fingers, and wrists. There’s so much to learn with this colorful toy—it’s sure to keep your kiddo busy way beyond Easter festivities!

4. Farmer’s Market Basket

Adding a basket to a basket means double the Easter funWith our Farmer’s Market Basket, your little one can cook up a big pretend Easter dinner—these fruit and vegetable toys are connected by hook-and-loop fasteners, so your lil’ chef can “cut” through them easily with the toy knife. Maybe they’ll chop up the potato for some yummy make-believe mashed potatoes or slice some fruit for a refreshing pretend dessert—they’ll be developing their hand-eye coordination along the way! You could also use this colorful play food to teach your kiddo about the produce they eat: with Spring and Summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to learn about what fruits and vegetables will be coming into season. 

5. Rain & Shine Bath Bar

Looking for something special for the littlest one on your list this Easter? Look no further—with our Rain & Shine Bath Bar, you can take the Easter festivities to the bathtub and have a ton of splashing fun! Your kiddo can learn all about cause-and-effect with this adorable bath toy: as water runs through the friendly cloud, it’ll make the smiley sun below spin, spin, spin! There’s also an adorable flower cup, bee bath squirt, and a bird cup with a spinning wheel to explore. Celebrate blossoming flowers, happy bees and birds, and warm weather with your toddler this Easter with this colorful and interactive bath toy! 

What’s in your kiddo’s Easter basket this year? Let us know @battattoys!