5 Screen-Free Spring Break Activities

As bare trees put their lush green coats back on and the sun decides to stick around a little longer at night, spring break rolls around to tell us, “Do stop and smell the roses!” Embrace your kiddo’s break from school with some quality parent-child bonding. But that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop—we’ve compiled creative spring break activities that will keep your kiddo’s minds active. Plus, these ideas involve no screens, just good ol’ fashioned fun!

1. Scavenger Hunt

Before getting rid of unwanted items during your spring cleaning, consider letting them stick around for a day longer—they could make great items for a scavenger hunt! This classic activity turns any old thing into a prized treasure. After all, there’s nothing like finding that last item on your list! Take the hunt to the backyard and explore springtime’s wonders with your little one. You could also put a mathematical spin on it (find 3 + 2 socks) or use riddles as clues (find something that is silver, shiny, and great for scooping up cereal!)! With a little creativity, you could create a fun-filled educational activity with whatever you have lying around the house.


2. Living Room Concert

Got a musician in the family? Let them take to the stage and show off their talents, right at home! With a few decorations, colorful lights, a big bedsheet to use as a curtain, and some imagination, your living room concert hall could rival the likes of Madison Square Garden and the Hollywood Bowl! If your kiddo plays an instrument, encourage them to show what they’ve learned and perform their favorite piece! And for little ones who want to sing their hearts out, our Musical Light Show Mic has tons of features for a super-fun performance. Get silly with the voice changer, then wave the toy microphone in the air to hear the crowd cheer! Don’t forget to pull out chairs for the audience (stuffed animals and family members)—this is going to be the performance of the year!


3. Bathtub Fishing

No place to fish nearby? Leave that “Gone Fishing” sign on your door—you can take the great outdoors into your bathroom with our Magnetic Fishing Set! Fill your tub up with water, release the toy fish, then catch ‘em with the fully-functional wind-up reels. This coloful set comes with 2 reels, so you and your kiddo can fish, have a blast, and improve hand-eye coordination together! Want a little fresh air? You can easily take this game to the backyard with a big bucket or inflatable pool. Make it a friendly competition and see who can catch the most fish!


4. Backyard Mini Putt

Tee off spring break with some backyard mini putt! Our Let’s Play Golf! set comes with everything you need for golfing fun: 2 golf clubs, 2 golf balls, and 2 putting cups. For a fun challenge, use objects in your backyards as obstacles—who will be able to curve the ball around the flower bush? As your kiddo aims, swings, and putts, they’ll be developing their patience and observation while staying active. This great parent-child activity can also develop your little one’s social skills as they learn to communicate with other family members on the putting green! Get ready for an un-fore-gettable afternoon!


5. Picnic

Celebrate warmer weather and blooming flowers with a lil’ picnic! First, assemble delicious and nutritious finger food to bring with you: tiny sandwiches, cut up fruit and veggies, and yogurt cups are great options. Then, pack it all up with your kiddo’s favorite blanket and some board games in a big wicker basket. You could also bring our Musical Tea Set to the picnic party for pretend play fun! After a yummy lunch, let your kiddo take the lead on teatime—they can “brew” tea and serve pretend cupcakes for a delightful dessert! This colorful teapot toy also makes realistic sounds to enrich the imaginary scenarios your curious kiddo thinks up.


How will you be spending your spring break? Let us know @battattoys!