Holiday Gift Guide: Top Toys for Kids Who Love Adventure

For the little ones with huge imaginations and a curious spirit, every playtime is an opportunity for a big adventure. Their creativity can take them to imaginary places far and wide, and these fun-filled toys are the perfect vehicles for their exploration and discovery! So this holiday season, tell your kiddo to buckle up — they could unwrap a pretend off-roading expedition or a quest for glimmering gems. Adventure waits for no one — so let’s get to it!

Magnetic Fishing Set

With our Magnetic Fishing Set, your kiddo could take a make-believe trip to a great big pond and catch the most colorful fish there ever was! With 4 magnetic fish and 2 toy fishing rods, this toy set will equip your child with all the tools they’ll need for their big fishing adventure. The fishing rods have functional wind-up reels too, so your little one will feel just like a real fisherperson as they catch and release. Try filling up your bathtub at home and dropping the fish inside for an indoor fishing expedition. As your toddler matches up the reel’s magnet with the fish, they’ll be developing patience and improving their hand-eye coordination!

Front-End Loader

Is your kiddo fascinated by the hustle and bustle of a construction site? With our Front-End Loader, they can steer their adventure in any direction their imagination takes them. Its front shovel is movable, so your kid can easily scoop up make-believe building materials then dump it all out! With your child’s creativity, your living room could transform into the buzzing building site for the tallest building in the world! This toy construction vehicle’s durable construction and rubber wheels can also handle some outdoor action — try taking it outside to shovel some snow or sand!

Pump-and-Go Plane + Train Bundle

This holiday season, your child can take a pretend trip around the world — right in your living room! With the Pump-and-Go Plane and Train, they can fly above vast oceans and travel through rocky terrains. When it’s time to take off on their big pretend journey, they can choose how to get going — all they need to do is push on the toy character’s head or pull back the vehicles to see them zooooom forward! And they won’t have to stop for gas anytime soon — these vehicles can move up to 4 feet with just one push or pull. Not to mention, this exciting expedition is educational too — it offers a great hands-on demonstration of cause-and-effect. Bon voyage!

Pirate Diving Set

Thousands have searched for this long-lost sunken treasure….and at long last, it has been discovered by none other than your kiddo! This holiday season, they can find sparkling jewels, silver coins, seahorse friends and more in this colorful play set. These treasures make great pool toys, but they can also double as items for an exciting indoor scavenger hunt. Hide them under your little one’s pillow or in their closet, then encourage your lil’ explorer to search around! And for older kids, try giving them clues and riddles to get their problem-solving wheels turning.

Take-Apart 4×4

With our Take-Apart 4×4, your toddler will be prepared for the rugged terrains of pretend off-roading fun! But first, make sure everything is in tip-top shape by visiting the make-believe car repair shop. This toy vehicle comes with a realistic toy drill and 3 drill bits, so your mini mechanic can take all the 21 truck parts apart to make sure everything’s in place. Once the toy 4×4 is in running order, your kiddo is ready for their big adventure! As they cruise through the living room, they can observe mountain terrains (your couch) and beautiful trees (your house plants). Who knows, they might even run into some stuffed animal wildlife!


The world is your child’s oyster, but with the help of these toys and their huge imaginations, plenty adventure awaits right at home.

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