Holiday Gift Guide: Top STEM Toys

The temperature outside might be dropping, but we at Battat are starting to feel the warmth of the winter holidays. As you begin to prepare for the fun festivities to come, we’d like to help check one item off your to-do list – thinking of gift ideas for your little ones! Over the next 4 weeks, we’ll be rolling out themed gift guides to suit the wonderfully unique kiddos in your life. Whether they’re a math whiz, natural performer, imaginative adventurer, or celebrating their very first holiday season, our gift guides have got you covered.

For our first guide, we’ve picked out our top STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) toys to fuel your child’s curiosity and creativity! Early childhood is a great time to start introducing STEM concepts to your little ones and these toys combine learning and laughter in classic Battat fashion. Give the gift of learning-by-doing with a STEM toy this holiday season!

Take-Apart Crane

Has your child ever asked you how the TV works or how the car was put together?Your kiddo’s bright questions demonstrate a natural curiosity for how the world around them operates! With 30 crane parts and a functional toy drill, the Take-Apart Crane can nurture this curiosity and teach basic engineering principles all at the same time. As they make decisions about which drill bit to use or how they’ll put it together, their problem-solving skills will blossom! Once it’s built, try rolling it around outside for a hands-on physics lesson – why does it roll differently in snow than on smooth concrete? And why does it roll down the hill faster with a toy character inside? This take-apart toy can set your kiddo’s STEM wheels in motion!

Busy Builder’s Tool Box

Including 20 bright, fun, and educational toy tools, this play set is sure to “measure up” to both you and your child’s playtime standards! Your toddler is the mechanic in charge here – with a toy hammer, wrench, drill, and more at their fingertips, they can invent new and creative ways to play. Pretend play is a great way to spark your kiddo’s imagination – so encourage them to keep thinking outside the (tool)box! Why not “fix up” your toy car? Or use the functional measuring tape to make some calculations around the house? As your kiddo measures the couch or the box their gift came in, they’ll also be flexing their math muscles! This play set provides great tools for your toddler’s playtime – and for their future.

Pound & Roll

STEM education is a great gift — even for the tiniest ones on your list! Babies as young as 1-year-old can get whack-y this holiday season with our Pound & Roll. This pounding toy offers a great demonstration of cause-and-effect: after your baby uses the tiny hands-friendly hammer to pound the ball through the hole, they can see it roll all the way down the maze, then out through the other end! This hands-on lesson will also improve your little one’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination. And as they get older, these essential skills will lay the foundation for more challenging STEM principles, like coding and multiplication, and give them the confidence to keep on learning.

Sort & Stack Set 

With this classic toy set, your kiddo can get cracking on their STEM skills by sorting and stacking! There are no rules here — these basic rainbow cups and fun shapes provide the tools for open-ended play. As your child stretches their imagination and practices creative thinking coming up with new games, their growing brains will absorb other fundamental STEM concepts along the way. Knocking down their cup tower will teach them about cause-and-effect, while the geometric shapes and numbers can give them a head start on basic mathematical concepts. And when your tot gets a little older, you can use the cups to practice adding and subtracting too – this toy set is the gift that keeps on giving!

Battat Cash Register

Your local supermarket might have everything you need for a big holiday meal, but if you’re looking to check math skills off your grocery list, look no further than our Cash Register. Equipped with a fully-functional calculator, this is a great gift for kiddos just learning to add and subtract. Get in on the math action by creating problem-solving scenarios for your little one! Say you want to buy the lemon, tomato, and the onion but are a little short on cash – ask your curious lil’ clerk how much you’re missing and which item to return. Then, when it’s time to close up, have your little one balance the cash drawer by counting out all the coins and bills!

We hope your little one has a blast giggling and growing their STEM interests! Follow us @battattoys to be the first to know when our next gift guide comes out.