6 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

What’s that in the shadows? Uh oh – looks like the sweetest holiday of the year creeping up on you! If you feel like October has flown by and you had no time to plan the perfect Halloween costume for your kiddo – we’ve got you covered!  We’ve compiled some quick and easy costume ideas you can assemble with materials you likely already have lying around the house! And what’s more – they feature some of our favorite Battat toys that are sure to spark imaginative pretend play moments. So pull out your scissors, markers, and creativity – it’s time to get spooky!

Doctor — Deluxe Doctor Kit

Is your kiddo showing symptoms of a huge imagination and a caring heart? We at the pretend Battat clinic prescribe an adorable doctor costume, complete with our Deluxe Doctor Kit! Create a super-quick doctor’s coat by drawing a red cross on a white t-shirt and then cutting it down the middle at the front. With this homemade coat on, the kit’s toy stethoscope around their neck, and the carrying case in hand, your mini medic will be ready for any pretend patient! Transform the playroom into a doctor’s office this Halloween and encourage your toddler to heal all their dolls and stuffed animals! Side-effects of this “prescription” include a growing curiosity and endless giggles.


Racecar Driver — Geared to Steer + Light and Sound Bundle

Buckle up – this race car driver costume will fuel your kiddo’s learning and laughter this Halloween. And the fun starts way before the finish line – you can get crafty with your little one as you put it together! Gather colored pencils or markers to make DIY racing patches out of paper – just draw some numbers and flames, cut them out, and stick them on to a red outfit with double-sided tape. Then, create a checkerboard with black permanent marker on white masking tape for the perfect trim. When your lil’ driver is ready to start their engines, you can bring the racetrack right into your playroom with our Geared to Steer driving wheel and Light & Sound bundle. With the wheel’s realistic lights and sounds, any chair or couch will feel like the coolest sports car in town! Just use the Light and Sound Bundle’s toy keys to “get in,” and get ready to race!

Colorful vehicle-themed puzzle for kids

Chef — Battat Cooking Set 

Is your child curious about all things culinary? Well, we’ve got the perfect recipe for an adorable DIY chef costume! Pair the Battat Cooking Set with a kid-sized apron, then roll up a piece of paper into a cylinder to make a chef’s hat. With tons of realistic kitchen tools, your little one can impress dinner guests (their dolls) with a scrumptiously spooky pretend meal – gummy worm “dirt” cups or witches’ finger cookies anyone? If you don’t have an apron, sub in a homemade chef’s coat. Don’t worry, putting it together is easy as pie! Using a black permanent marker, just draw a collar, buttons, and pockets onto a white t-shirt. When your kiddo is full of giggles, this costume is ready to serve!

Chunky vehicle puzzle for toddlers and kids.

Auto Mechanic — Take-Apart Roadster

This adorable auto mechanic costume is ideal for kiddos who are interested in hands-on problem solving and are not afraid of a little grease. It features the Take-Apart Roadster, which includes a battery-powered drill to jump-start their role-playing adventures this Halloween! You’ll also need a pair of coveralls or a shirt and pants in matching neutral colors. Add in a DIY paper name tag and a kitchen rag, and your mini mechanic is ready to hit the auto shop! After taking the toy car out for a spin, they can use the kid-friendly drill to take it all apart for an engine check and oil change. Just remember – lefty loosey, righty tighty!

A cube puzzle for toddlers and kids with a picture of a dog.

Fisherperson — Magnetic Fishing Set 

Fishing around for the perfect costume? Well, the “bait” is over! If your kiddo is hooked on the Magnetic Fishing set, turning it into a costume is a breeze. With a checkered shirt, raincoat, rain boots, a bucket hat, and the set’s realistic fishing pole, your little one will be looking like a “reel”-life fisherperson in no time. Finish off the look with DIY fishing lures – just attach some colorful pompoms or craft feathers onto their coat. You can now take playtime to whole new waters – just bring the outdoors into your home by filling up your bathtub and plopping the magnetic fish in. Your little one will catch you later, they’ve gone fishing!

Grocery Store Clerk — Battat Cash Register

Attention all shoppers, check out aisle Battat for an adorable grocery store clerk costume that comes together in a flash! Our Battat Cash Register comes with all the accessories you’ll need for this costume: a cash register with a beeping scanner, pretend money, and a shopping basket full of groceries. Just add a kid-sized apron or vest, a lanyard, and a lil’ homemade paper name tag to complete the look. You can even get your kiddo to write out their own name as a fun writing exercise! Once they’re dressed the part, enrich their pretend play by participating in it – ask them where the bread is located in the store (your house), then have them ring you up! The toy register has a working calculator, so they can work on their math skills while they’re at it. Happy shopping!

Whichever costume you decide to go with, we hope you have a spooky, silly, and safe Halloween! Be sure to share your creative costumes with us by tagging us @battattoys.