Holiday Gift Guide: Top Toys for Little Performers

Holding auditions to find the right gift for your outgoing kiddo? Look no further – we’ve compiled our top toys for kids who thrive in the limelight! Whether they have dreams of starring in their very own cooking show, winning a nail-biting sports car race, belting one out on the big stage, or giving an Emmy-winning performance, these toys can help grow your little one’s confidence and imagination. So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

Musical Light Show Mic

Do-re-mi — warm up those vocal cords because it’s almost time for your big holiday concert! For kiddos who love to sing their hearts out, our Musical Light Show Mic is the way to go. Singing is so much fun, but did you know that it can develop communication and memory skills too? And with the toy mic’s wacky voice changer, your mini musician can get extra creative at their next studio session! Once they’ve perfected their hit tune, it’s time to take the stage — activate the dazzling light show and swing the mic in the air around to hear a crowd cheer! Encore, encore!

Light and Sound Bundle

Have you noticed your kiddo mimicking you while you talk on the phone or drive to work? Kids love to act as adults during pretend play, and who knows, you might just be their first acting inspiration! Nurture their knack for performance this holiday season with our Light & Sound Bundle. With realistic features and fun buttons to press, this toy phone and key set encourages all sorts of imaginary play – your little one can use them as tools for pretend play or as props for lil’ productions! You can easily transform your living room into a film studio with a camera and a little imagination. Film your little one using these grown-up gadgets to “call” a friend or “drive” their dolls to school – they’ll be developing emotional skills while building self-esteem!

Geared to Steer

Do your kiddo’s favorite animations feature speedy cars with roaring engines? Maybe they’d love to be a race car driver, hearing the crowd cheer as they speed to the finish line! Well, they might not be old enough to get their driver’s license yet, but the Geared to Steer can put them in the imaginary driver’s seat of any exciting adventure they dream up. With an engine to rev, gears to shift, and a horn to honk, this toy steering wheel can take your little one’s pretend play to the next level and make them feel like the star of an action-packed scene. Try getting in the passenger’s seat during playtime – ask your kiddo to describe what’s happening as they race through the city streets for a fun-filled language exercise.

Battat Cooking Set

Combine our Cooking Set with your child’s big personality and boundless imagination, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for an engaging and super fun playtime! Including 21 lifelike cooking utensils, this toy kitchen set can spark creative and culinary pretend play scenarios. For example, your kiddo can use the rolling pin and cookie cutters to “bake” holiday cookies. Yum! Take pretend play one step further by having your lil’ chef star in their own cooking show. As they describe how to make their best recipes to the studio audience (that’s you and their plush buddies), they’ll be practicing the imperative mood and learning new words – you might have yourself a top chef in the “baking!”



Shape Sorter Cube + Stacking Rings Duo

With rings to stack and shapes to sort, this toy set provides the tools for classic playtime activities. But you can also think outside the cube, and transform the Stacking Rings into instruments to make music and dance with! Your creative kiddo can shake, shake, shake the rattling rings to add a little percussion to their unique song. While they keep the beat, they’ll be finding patterns in their song’s rhythm and learning about division and fractions! Then add a little movement to your music and bust a move – colorful rings and fun sounds make dancing that much more fun. It’s a great way to keep active indoors too – so go ahead and get groovy!

We hope these toys land a part in your holiday production! Click here for our STEM toy gift guide, and follow us @battattoys to stay in the loop about upcoming ones.