Holiday Gift Guide: Educational Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Celebrating the winter holidays with your little one makes them that much more magical — somehow, the food is tastier and the lights shine brighter! Mark these warm and joyful moments with a very merry gift for the toddlers and babies in your life. Not only do these toys act as great keepsakes, but your child can keep playing and learning with them for years to come! Take a look to find your kiddo something extra-special this holiday season.

Big Red Barn

Unwrap our Big Red Barn in front of your little one and get ready for endless smiles and giggles! It’s a classic for a reason – your child will love its bright colors and adorable animal figurines. With pieces sized perfectly for tiny hands, it’s also a great toy for developing your kiddo’s fine motor skills — they can grasp the chunky pieces and click the stable doors shut! And when they get a little older, this farm set can kick start their pretend play adventures. They could help the happy lil’ farmer feed all the animals for supper, or herd them inside when it’s time to sleep!

Wooden Activity Cube

Looking for a gift that encourages a growing mind? Well, our Wooden Activity Cube does just that. With doors to open, spinners to spin, and a bead maze to race through, this baby activity center will keep your little one’s mind and hands active all through the holiday season – and beyond! Crafted with durable natural wood, this activity cube is made to last and it’s sure to be a playtime staple throughout your kiddo’s childhood! And when they’ve grown out of it, you can pass it down from generation to generation. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Pop-Up Pals

Our Pop-Up Pals are great playtime assistants – these adorable animals will help your child learn and make them laugh for years to come! For an early lesson on cause-and-effect, start with a special game of peek-a-boo: when your baby activates a button, they’ll hear the door snap open and see a friendly lil’ animal pop up. This early learning toy’s bright colors, fun sounds, and smooth buttons will stimulate your child’s senses and keep the silly smiles coming. Then, a few years down the line, it can double as an educational tool for teaching your little one about real-life animals. Where in the world do lions live? And what do elephants eat? Tons of fun learning moments are waiting to pop out of this toy!

Bath Buddies Bundle

After playing outside, keep the fun going in the bathtub with our Bath Buddies Bundle! These 12 animal bath squirts come in beautiful bright colors and are easy for tiny hands to hold and play with. As your baby squeezes these bath toys and squirts water all the way across the bathtub, they’ll be developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills! And when they start to engage in pretend play, they’ll have the tools for any imaginary underwater adventure. For example, they can recruit their crocodile and turtle buddies to help the seal cross the bumpy bathtub waters! With these colorful toys, bath time could be the path to never-ending laughter and discovery.

Sort & Stack Set

Give the gift of open-ended play this holiday season with our Sort & Stack Set! Including 10 rainbow stacking cups, 8 different shapes, and a shape sorter, this classic play set plants the seed for an engaging playtime – but your little one’s curiosity and creativity will make it grow. There is no “right” way to play here – your kiddo can follow their imagination to see where playtime takes them. Maybe they’ll stack the cups up high, then watch them tumble all the way down when they knock them over. Or maybe they’ll push the shapes through the lid for an early geometry lesson! By taking charge of play time, your little one can practice decision-making and creative thinking.

We hope you and the little ones in your life enjoy creating special memories together this holiday season!

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