Tips & Tricks: How to Survive Road Trips with Toddlers

Ahh, the summer road trip, where the line between a dream vacation and a nightmare journey is very thin. But there’s hope! Do more than simply survive road trips with toddlers and drive straight for family fun this summer thanks to our useful tips & tricks! Read on for lots of great ideas to keep kiddos engaged in the car while you’re on the road to good times this summer.

Pack a Kiddy Car Bag

Get kiddos ready for a long trip by helping them pack a special car bag of essentials, treats, and all-time favorites. Letting toddlers help pack their own bag gives them a sense of ownership and accomplishment – and it will make it easy for you to keep a few surprises up your sleeve!

Toddlers should be allowed to pack anything reasonable that can fit in their bag, but it’s a good idea to encourage engaging items. For example, suggest a drawing tablet or coloring pages, picture books, and hand-held games like Geared to Steer. Also, encourage them to pack comfort toys like plush animals or dolls. Just make sure to check everyone – stuffed animals and imaginary friends included – is in the car before leaving any pitstops!

Lastly, be sure to pack (lots of) tasty snacks!

Learn Classic Car Games

Good old-fashioned car games are a must if you’re trying to limit screen time for little ones. No, not those little magnetic chess sets – games of observation and imagination! These tech-free games help turn the travel itself into part of the fun.

Pro Tip: teach these car games to little ones during regular car rides, so they’re ready for the big trip!

1. The Alphabet Game:

This game is a bit like a road sign scavenger hunt. The goal is to look for words on signs that begin with a letter of the alphabet (A for Arby’s & Z for Zoo). The first person to spot words from A to Z is the winner!

2. The Grocery Game

Pick someone in the car and ask them to think of something you can buy at the grocery store. Everyone else takes turns guessing what it might be by asking a question.

Is it something in the produce aisle? No.
Is it in the freezer? Yes!
Is it ice cream? Yes, it’s ice cream!

3. Triple Threat

Be prepared for imaginations to run wild with this game! For this road trip game, the grownups choose three nouns, like “wagon,” “pigeon,” and “queen,” for example. The kiddos then create a story that includes all three things. Things might get very, very silly, but that’s more than half the fun!

Plan for Pitstops

It’s tempting to try and get the road part of the trip over quickly, only stopping for gas (or a recharge!) and bathroom emergencies. However, depending on the length of your trip, a few special pitstops can totally transform the experience. For example, try taking an extended stop at a roadside attraction or turning off the main road for a scenic picnic. This way, everyone gets to stretch their legs and enjoy a change of scenery after hours in a small space.

The best way to do this is to think about your route in advance. You may just be passing through on the way to your destination, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t loads of fun (and memories to make) along the way! Just think, does that roadside stand really have the world’s best apple pie? It can’t hurt to find out!

You’re all set! Pack your bags and get ready to make memories together. Will you survive road trips with toddlers this summer? Absolutely! Share your own tips & tricks with us @battattoys!

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