Fun Family Activities for Father’s Day

How do you show love to Dad when he already has a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug, and the garage is nice and tidy? Change things up this year for Father’s Day by not doing something for dad but doing something with dad! Check out these fun Father’s Day activities to celebrate dads and make memories together!

Build an Indoor Obstacle Course

Is Dad the quickest one in the house? There’s only one way to find out. Time for an indoor obstacle course! Your course can be as simple or wild as you like. Use these indoor obstacle course ideas to get started:

  1. Tunnel Crawl
    Rig up a bootcamp-style tunnel crawl using some blankets or bedsheets. Just arrange some boxes or chairs and drape the blankets over them. Racers will have to crawl on hand and knees (or stomach, if they’re Dad) to make it through!
  2. Cushion Hop
    In a safe, open area place several cushions within jumping distance between a start and finish line. To make things tougher for Dad, he should jump with his feet together! And don’t forget – the floor is lava!
  3. Laundry Basket Sock Toss
    Every obstacle course needs a skill station! For this one, prop up an empty laundry basket a short distance from your throwing line (marked with tape or the edge of a rug, etc.). Beforehand, ball up 5-6 pairs of socks and have them ready next to the throwing line. Participants toss the socks one at a time – one sock in the laundry basket equals one point!

You can run each obstacle individually or try to run them all from beginning to end! In either case, you’ll want a grown-up or older child to time everyone with a stopwatch. Who will take the crown?

Lawn Sprinkler Fun

Take things outside and into the sun for the backyard fun of yesteryear when a lawn sprinkler could entertain kiddos for hours. With a twist, maybe it still can! Offer a prize or special snack to whoever is brave enough to jump through the sprinkler first, and from there, keep things interesting. Then, turn up the excitement with a Water Balloon Jump competition!

It’s easy, but oh-so-exciting too! First, fill up a bunch of water balloons and take turns jumping through the sprinkler and tossing a water balloon at the jumper. Then, they get to throw a water balloon at the next jumper if they catch it!

Of course, when everyone is good and wet, it’s only polite to let the kiddos chase Dad with the leftover water balloons!

“Just Like Daddy” Pretend Play

Slow things down after (or in place of) all the excitement and physical activity while keeping your imaginations moving. It’s time to be “just like Daddy.” Break out some pretend play toys and enjoy imitating Dad around the house. Maybe being just like Dad looks like using Battat Cooking Set to whip up a super tasty snack. Or it might mean unpacking the Busy Builder’s Tool Box and looking for something to tinker with.

After all, Dads come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their hobbies! Maybe Dad’s a really good cleaner-upper and can show everyone the ropes with the Sweep n’ Clean set! Whatever Dad loves, he’s sure to love spending time and having fun with the family on Father’s Day.

Whatever your plans for Father’s Day, we hope it’s filled with lots of good strong hugs, at least four piggyback rides, and maybe even a few minutes for Dad to sit with his feet up. Let us know how the Dad in your life enjoyed these fun Father’s Day activities by following @battattoys!

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