Show Mama Some Love on Mother’s Day

Let’s be real. Moms are heroes, and they deserve to be celebrated. And who better to celebrate them than the kiddos who call for “Mommy!” 3000 times a day? We asked some Battat-loving moms to share how their little ones show their appreciation, and the responses were beautiful. Time to show Mama some love!

Big Hugs & Little Pecks

My little ones show that they love me with words and gestures.

My daughter, who is three years old, tells me multiple times throughout the day, “I love you,” and asks multiple times a day, “hold me.” ❤️

My son, who is only 14 months old, learned very quickly to give “biiig hugs” and recently gives little pecks on the cheek 😚


Kisses from a Cleaner-Upper

Jack said, “I show kindness to my mom by always cleaning up the table after dinner, so she doesn’t have to do it. I’m a good cleaner-upper,” Rosie said, “I snuggle mommy and give her a kiss.”


Goodnight Nose Kiss

My little girl, regardless of what day we’ve had, before going to bed, puts both hands on my cheeks and kisses my nose and says, “goodnight momma, love you.” And that small gesture makes every rough day worth it.


Yes You Can, Mama!

Recently Aliyah, who is almost 3 years old, has been demonstrating kindness through encouragement! Just a few days ago, I was putting together a large outdoor trampoline, and I was struggling to attach 2 pieces together. Aliyah heard me, grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye and said, “you got this mommy, you got this! You can do it! It’s okay, you got this!”

To see this tiny little human having so much faith in me and providing me with the patience and encouragement I needed to succeed at the task is just so overwhelming. My heart is full, and I know I am loved by her. ❤

Alicia  @aliyahjambai  

Kiddo Café & Snuggles

I have a 7-year-old who has learned how to use our coffee-pod machine. He will wake up and come downstairs while I get his little sister and make me a cup of coffee. It’s the sweetest thing. My 4-year-old will tell me I’m “the best mommy” often and ask me to snuggle with him. He shows his kindness through snuggles, kisses and hugs.

Janel @lifewiththemcelwains  

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On Mother’s Day or any day, how do your tiny humans show mama some love? Share your stories of how toddlers show their appreciation and love for mama with us @battattoys!

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