Raising Planet-Friendly Toddlers

This year for Earth Day, help kiddos prepare for the future. We only have one planet, and everyone shares it. So, it’s time to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Let’s pass on green values for tomorrow by raising planet-friendly toddlers today. Check out these creative and fun Earth Day activities for ideas you can use at home!

Crafting with Reusables

Sometimes the best thing you can do for the environment is to reuse an object that’s outlived its use. Reusing reduces waste and saves energy because when you craft with what you have, you don’t need to drive to the craft store! By giving things a second life, we can reduce our overall consumption.

Here are three kid-friendly craft projects that turn waste into works of art!

  • Paper Roll Town
    Collect empty cardboard tubes from toilet paper and kitchen towels to make a totally tubular town!
  • Jar Lid Banjos
    Glass jars are easy to reuse or recycle, but what about their lids? Give them a second life with this adorably musical craft project!
  • Tin Can Birdfeeder
    A birdfeeder is a helpful reminder that we share the planet with many beautiful creatures. Reuse an empty coffee can (or similar container) to make a big, beautiful bird buffet this Earth Day for the birds in your neighborhood!

Reducing & Recycling

No one can reduce their consumption to zero, so it’s important to model planet-friendly habits to kids by reducing and recycling what we can! One easy habit is pointing out recyclable packaging. Battat’s Recycling Truck comes in an easily recyclable box. You can even fold and cut it into tiny pieces for toddlers to load into the truck. Then, they can drive over to the big family recycling bin to unload!

Another great way to encourage reducing and recycling is introducing kiddos to the concept of repair. Throwing away things you can fix creates unnecessary waste, so help kids understand that when something “breaks” or doesn’t work, we can try to fix it. Take-Apart toys are a fun and educational way to introduce young children to simple repairs. Disassemble the Take-Apart Airplane or Crane Truck with toddlers and praise them as they master the steps to repair their own toy!

Planet-friendly habits are important, but they can also be super fun!

Cooking Good Food Together

What does cooking have to do with raising planet-friendly toddlers? More than you might think! Enormous amounts of food are wasted in North America, and changing this starts in our own kitchens.

Feeling comfortable in the kitchen is the first step to becoming confident and creative enough to reduce food waste. And that creativity and confidence serve kids well in every area of life! Here are some ways to encourage your littlest sous-chefs:

1. Let toddlers contribute in the kitchen

Yes, this means things will get messy, but it’s worth it. Invite toddlers to help while preparing snacks, meals, or baking family favorites. Give them simple tasks like handing you measuring spoons and give them more to do – like stirring and mixing – as they get the hang of things.

2. Show kids how “icky bits” become delicious

Instead of throwing away food, help little ones understand that we can take all the bits of food that we wouldn’t normally eat and turn them into something delicious. Make a delicious vegetable stock with the icky bits of carrot (peel and tops), celery (tops and bottom), onion (tops and bottoms), mushrooms (stalks), leeks (ends and thick layers), red pepper (insides), and parsley (stalks). Then, follow your favorite stock recipe to bring it all together and reduce your waste!

The family kitchen is a great place to start caring for the planet. With a little bit of freedom (and lots of supervision), toddlers can begin to master skills that will help them become creative and eco-conscious. They’ll be making snacks for the whole family before you know it!

Raising planet-friendly toddlers can be fun as we help kiddos discover the three R’s of being planet-friendly: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle! So, what’s your favorite way to reduce waste at home? Share your ideas with other parents and us @battattoys!