Gift Guide: Beautiful Toys for Easter

It’s time to celebrate Spring with pretend play toys! Find beautiful toys for Easter in Battat’s special springtime gift guide. Whether little ones are just starting to sort shapes, like ‘helping’ around the house, or just want to push a train, you’ll find beautiful toys for Easter that you’ll love seeing (and kiddos will love playing with) every day!

Sweep n' Clean

Age: 2 Years +

Why you’ll love it: Kiddos will not only learn to help around the house but actually can with this beautiful wooden cleaning set.

Special feature: Comes with a sturdy wooden stand to hang everything up after play and ready for next cleanup.

Developmental skills: Fine and gross motor functions.

Try this: Open up the windows and demonstrate to toddlers how to dust, dust, dust with the little duster.

Count & Sort Cube

Age: 12 Months +

Why you’ll love it: Stylish Montessori-inspired wooden construction with plenty of colored shapes to keep little ones learning.

Special feature: The shapes are numbered to introduce counting.

Developmental skills: Fine motor function, shape recognition.

Try this: Give kiddos one shape at a time and count aloud from 1-10 for them to introduce numbers as they sort.

Wooden Locomotives & Freight Cars

Age: 3 Years +

Why you’ll love it: Little wooden trains that are easy to carry all day clenched in a little train-loving fist. Set of 3 comes in classic colors.

Special feature: Wooden locomotives and cars link up with magnets!

Developmental skills: Fine motor skills, imaginative play.

Try this: Connect all six to create a super train!

After the chocolate and the colorful Easter egg hunt, sit down with little ones and enjoy some fun this spring. Beautiful toys are often the ones that last a lifetime, so it just makes sense to gift beautiful toys for Easter. Do you have an old toy that stands the test of time? Share it with us @battattoys!