Gift Guide: STEM Toys for Easter

It’s time to celebrate Easter and ring in springtime with learning toys! To start, find toddler-friendly STEM toys for Easter with Battat’s special springtime gift guides. Whether little ones are just starting to stack and identify colors, or already discovering how things work, you’ll find a fun educational toy in this list!

Take-Apart Crane

Age: 3 Years +

Why you’ll love it: With 30 buildable pieces, kids will love puzzling their way through this educational take-apart toy as they learn to master it!

Special feature: The battery-powered drill comes with 3 bits and turns in two directions!

Developmental skills: Problem-solving, pattern matching, fine motor function.

Try this: Help kiddos gather all the pieces into different piles according to their bit shapes before/after building.

Red Calculating Cash Register

Age: 3 Years +

Why you’ll love it: This toy cash register doubles as a working calculator so kids can run their own pretend shop and have fun ringing up anything in the house.

Special feature: The till fits real US bills and the scanner beeps just like at the store!

Developmental skills: Counting, basic math, money handling.

Try this: Put prices on household items and ask kiddos to add up the total. Challenge older kids by asking for your change!

Count & Match Pegboard

Age: 2 Years +

Why you’ll love it: This multifunctional set is perfect for toddlers learning to master shapes, colors, and stacking (and knocking stacks down)!

Special feature: Includes 5 colorful cords to practice threading.

Developmental skills: Fine motor, matching.

Try this: Demonstrate arranging pegs in a line (or stack) according to color or shape and ask little ones to do the same.

After the chocolate and the colorful egg hunt, sit down with little ones to learn and play with STEM toys for Easter. After all, you’re never too old (or too young) to learn new skills! So, does your kiddo have a favorite educational toy? Share it with us @battattoys!