Thriving on Spring Break with Toddlers

It’s time. You’ve finished the itinerary, made the reservations, and packed everyone’s bags. Now, it’s time for spring break! Whether your family is taking a road trip, hitting the beach, or opting for a staycation, we have some helpful ideas for keeping toddlers happy on Spring Break. So, sit back, try to relax, and don’t forget to have fun!

The Long Car Ride

We like to romanticize road trips, but the truth is they’re a hard sell for little ones. When given a choice between sleeping, sitting quietly, or kicking the back of the seat (or poking a sibling), it’s easy to see what option wins!

So, it’s better to be prepared with reasonable alternatives to take their minds off the (seemingly) endless miles. First, consider a drawing tablet for kiddos who are scribblers. It’s a flexible and creative option, and you can have fun asking them to describe their drawings. The Light & Sound Bundle offers hands-on variety for younger littles and can be matched with a homemade sensory bag.

Speaking of hands-on, you can help your little one lean into the car theme with Geared to Steer. They can pretend to drive the car or pass the time with an interactive Traffic Lights game!

Oh, are we there already?

On The Beach

You made it! Now, it’s time to enjoy spring break. First up is wading in the surf, of course! After splishy-splashy time you can turn kiddos’ attention to the bajillion grains of sand all around. Carve a canal and watch the water flow in and out or build a little levee! Then, create a kingdom with the Sand Castle Play Set – not too close to the surf, though!

Once those towering palaces of sand are up, take everyone a treasure walk across the beach. Kids can collect sticks, shells, and bits of seaweed. Seaweed? Yes, seaweed! It makes excellent banners to decorate sandcastles with!

For a Low-Key Evening In

Whether you’re staycation-ing for Spring Break or just recovering from a big day of vacay fun, it’s good to be prepared with some indoor activities. How about getting musical? It’s simple and satisfying for everyone! You could have a singalong to the soundtrack of your family’s favorite musicals or break out the Crocodile Piano for your tiny Mozart!

If you want to keep things mellow before starting your bedtime routine, consider a podcast. Pop some popcorn or other healthy snack, and enjoy a kids’ storytelling show like Story Pirates! So get cozy, grab that snack, and soak up a slow spring break evening.

Spring Break with toddlers! What are you looking forward to most? Share your plans or your best family travel hacks with us @battattoys, and be part of a community of fun-loving parents (and grandparents) who care big and play lots!