Ideas to Get Kids into the Back-to-School Spirit

Backpacks, paper stacks, and mid-morning snacks – oh my! That’s right, it’s back-to-school time. Whether it’s the first day of pre-K for your kiddo or the return of Elementary school-aged children to class, we’ve got you covered. Read on for creative ideas to get kids into the back-to-school spirit!

Backpacks & Back-to-School Essentials

If it’s your kiddo’s first time going to school, they might be anxious about starting. One way to help them prepare for this big step is to give kids a say in their school supplies. For pre-K, this could be as simple as choosing a fun backpack! Older kids will love picking colorful pencils, stationery, and other classroom essentials. 

Another excellent routine for younger children is to pack their backpack together. Let them choose a snack, a small toy or fill a water bottle to bring along. Preparing together builds anticipation, and who says kids can’t get excited about school? 

Bring a Comfort Item

School is a big deal for children. Even when it’s not their first time, every new class is a fresh experience with new people and expectations. So there are bound to be big feelings!

One way to tame those feelings is to offer kids a small comfort item to bring with them. It can even be a little secret between the two of you—a small plush tucked in their backpack or a new charm for their bracelet or keychain. Whatever you decide, it should be a reminder that when the school day is over, there will be a hug waiting for them at home.

Reinforce Learning with Fun

Whatever a child’s feelings are about school, parents will want to encourage good feelings about learning. Luckily, school isn’t the only place where they learn things! Talk to your little one’s teacher or educator and find out how you can support their growth at home. 

Are they having trouble with their ABCs? Work the Hide & Seek Alphabet into playtime. Trouble keeping all those pesky numbers straight? Spend some time with the Numbers & Colors Gumball Machine! 

By revisiting their lessons with games and activities at home, kiddos can begin associating learning with comfort and good times. That’s the way to raise a lifelong learner!

How do you get your kiddos pumped for back-to-school time? Share your own ideas to get kids into the back-to-school spirit or cute stories with us @battattoys! Before you leave, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for imaginative play prompts, featured toys, and lots of love ❤️