Cozy Family Activities for the Holiday Break

The holidays are upon us, and soon kiddos will be home full-time looking for things to do. It’s the perfect opportunity for low-key and cozy family activities! So, stay warm inside with the little ones thanks to these laid-back play ideas for a snug holiday break.

Build a Blanket Fort

Eventually, everyone must get out of bed – even on the holidays! But what if you could spend the day in cozy comfort anyway? Enter the blanket fort! This childhood classic is fun for the whole family. Let the little ones dream up the plans and turn out the couch cushions for a little parent-approved pandemonium. If you have a Battat Sweep ‘n Clean, the stand, broom and mop can do double duty as blanket supports! When the blankets are draped and the fort is done, crawl in with snacks and a favorite storybook.

String up for fairy lights, and the cuddly fun can last well into the evening!

Holiday Care Packages

It’s entirely possible to be a little too cozy around the holidays. When that happens, it’s usually best to share that cozy feeling and spread the cheer around. How? ‘Tis the season to make holiday care packages as a family!

The littlest littles can contribute coloring pages for friends, family, or neighbors. Older kids can help bake tasty treats or even decorate the package itself as a fun craft. Then, everyone can put on their boots and mitts to deliver holiday cheer – and smiles!

Read a Story Aloud

After a long day making merry, it’s time to put up your feet by the fireplace or sit down in your comfiest chair. It’s the perfect time for a story! Maybe pop some popcorn or warm up some hot chocolate, and then have everyone cast votes their votes. Then, once you’ve decided on the story, seat the kiddos down on the rug.

If you’re lucky, the weather will be yucky outside, and the coziness levels will be off the charts. Have fun. Relax. If someone needs a refill, just press pause. It’s the holidays after all!

We hope these cozy family activities bring you and your little ones comfort and joy as the year wraps up. From our family at Battat to yours, have a very merry holiday season, and we’ll see you again soon! We’d love to see your family blanket or hear what you put in your holiday care packages. Let us know, @battattoys!