Musical Toys for Holiday Family Fun

Musical toys can be tricky. They should play catchy tunes without wearing out their welcome, and they should be as enjoyable for parents as they are for kiddos. But when musical toys are good, few things are as fun as humming along to a beat, whether that’s “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or your toddler’s very own composition!

Crocodile Piano

A musical powerhouse for little rock stars – or should we say croc-stars! – this toy keyboard lets kiddos mimic a load of instruments. Play the piano, saxophone, flute, bell, and guitar with backing tracks for every style! You’ll be amazed at what they can do with this smiling piano, and you won’t miss a beat because kids can record their creativity.

Remember, the family that jams together plays together!

Clean n’ Sing Vacuum

Grown-ups know that it always helps to whistle while you work. Now, little ones can build the habit while role-playing household chores with Battat’s singing vacuum cleaner! Toddlers can sing along to two catchy songs as they work on their gross motor skills and maneuver this kid-sized vacuum around the house.

The Clean n’ Sing Vacuum lights up and adjusts up and down so your little tidy-upper can get to those tough-to-reach spots – just like mom and dad!

Musical Barn Playset

Mary may have had a little lamb, but could her barn sing? Battat’s musical barn playset puts a musical spin on traditional farmyard play! While kiddos explore this big red barn with the friendly little farmer, they can make the sounds of the cute cow, horse, sheep, and pig who live on the farm. Then, kids can press the chicken on the roof to play classic farm songs that feature animal sounds from their new farm friends!

Once everyone is acquainted and moo-mooing and baa-baaing together, little ones will love imagining life on the farm as the music plays. It’s sure to be an absolute barnstormer!

Lil’ Rocker’s Guitar

The household tour opens this afternoon to a sold-out crowd of siblings, parents, and stuffed animals. They’re all waiting for one thing – a guitar solo! This toy guitar has everything a little lead guitarist needs to get started. First, the included songbook lets mini musicians learn the basics. Then, the 5 chord buttons and strumming strings let kiddos learn to play classic nursery rhymes.

They might start by playing along to the pre-recorded songs. But the next you know, they’re recording their first masterpiece and booking a show in the living room!

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