Keeping Toys Tidy in The New Year

A new year means new plans and putting our best intentions forward. So, what better way to kick off the year than a resolution to finally keep the kids’ play area clean! It can seem like an impossible task – in part because the work is never truly finished – but we have some great ideas to help you keep toys nice and tidy in 2022 and beyond.

Clean As You Go

It’s a lot to ask anyone to clean up after a full day of play, not to mention toddlers! Boxes get unpacked. Pieces get tossed around. And you can always rely on a significant toy going missing and causing a minor crisis.

There’s a bit of kitchen wisdom that can help. Just like it helps to wash dishes as you cook or bake, tidying up during the day’s activities spreads out the effort. Try sitting by the toy bin and asking kiddos to bring you toys they’ve finished playing with. Their reward will be your smile, and your reward is one less toy to put away later! By letting kids participate and see you enjoying clean up, Children can learn to see tidying up as a part of playing.

Use Simple Storage Solutions

Sometimes keeping a play space tidy is just a matter of everything having its place. After all, it’s hard to call a room clean when toys are just piled in a corner. The solution, of course, is storage! A large toy chest, bins, or even toy hamper makes it easy for little ones to understand what to do with toys – besides playing with them – and let you say, “the toys live here.”

If having one big container full of toys sounds horribly disorganized, that’s ok. Instead, you might consider using toys that come with clever self-storage to organize even more. For example, the Battat Cooking Set comes in its own convenient container, and Mini Monster Trucks can live in their zippered bag. Of course, you can use these helpful storage solutions to keep things tidy however you choose! The key is to help kids understand that their toys have a house to go home to after playtime.

Never-ending Carousel vs. The Bottomless Pit

Storage is excellent, but it only goes so far. Nobody wants to turn the playroom into a warehouse! One way to keep things manageable is to adopt a carousel method. Instead of having every toy available all the time, Montessori-inspired toy rotation keeps things fresh and engaging.

The idea is simple. Keep most toys in long-term storage (someplace like a basement or shed) and have a selection available in the play space for a set period. This method keeps your rooms free of clutter lets kiddos stay focused on a few toys. Also, having them focus on selected toys, especially educational ones, helps children master concepts and skills with fewer distractions.

Instead of a bottomless pit of toys to get lost in, kids are treated to a never-ending carousel of fun! And you only need to worry about tidying up 5 toys instead of 50 – it’s a win for everyone!

Now it’s up to you. Choose how to use these ideas and keep toys nice and tidy in 2022 and beyond! Do you have a sure-fire storage solution? Tell us about it on social media @battattoys, and share your wisdom with our community!