5 Ways to Turn Chores into Games

Knowing that there are chores to do is not something that will bring a smile to a kiddo’s face… but there’s a way to turn that frown upside down. The answer is simple – games. By turning each task into an exciting activity, your little helper will not only learn about important life skills and develop responsibility – they will also have tons of fun along the way!

Here are 5 ways to turn a chore into a game:

Morning Scavenger Hunt

Step 1: Pick a spot in the house that your child can easily reach and use it to hide a note, a sweet snack, or a special surprise for them to find. Step 2: After they wake up, give them different clues about the location – one for each step of making the bed! Step 3: Once the fitted sheet is tucked in at every corner, the blanket is smooth, and the pillows are fluffy, you can let your little explorer search for the hidden treasure!

Match the Pairs!

Ah, the age-old laundry question: Why do we always end up with single socks when we’ve only had pairs in the hamper? But before we can identify the stragglers, those who remained in pairs need to find their other half – a meticulous activity that can easily be turned into a fun game! Set a timer for 3 minutes and challenge your little laundry partner to match as many socks as they can. You can compete in the matching race with them or foster some friendly competition between siblings!

3 animal figures, a tiger a monkey, and a lion.

Dusting Pal

There is still hope for those socks that do end up without a partner – they can start a new life as a dusting pal! A cross between a dust cloth and a sock puppet, a dust buddy can easily become your kiddo’s DIY cleaning pal with the help of imagination and pretend play. What you’ll need is a single or old sock and some craft supplies such as googly eyes. Once the sock is decorated, encourage your child to slip it on and wipe down dusty surfaces by telling them that this puppet’s favorite snack are dust bunnies! (Just don’t forget to clean the sock itself from time to time!)

A kid playing with colorful, sensory building blocks.

Dinnertime Crafts

Carrying adult-sized plates and cutlery might not be the best idea for little ones, but learning how to set the table is definitely a kid-friendly activity! This can be done by using play dishes or by creating a meal with crafts! Take out paper, pencils, scissors, and glue, and commission your artist in the making to create the dinnertime essentials – plates, cups, knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks or anything else that your family sets the table with. Once their mini masterpieces are complete, they can easily move around each crafted piece to figure out the correct table setting. Not to mention that this can prepare them for the real deal once they grow up!

Mop Ball

The humble mop can have many uses. It can be a guitar one day, a limbo bar the next, or it can turn into a “mode of transportation” at a moment’s notice! (…Was that a witch’s cackle?) But combining the silly side of a mop and its true cleaning purpose is also possible, and that fusion can happen with the help of a ball. Whether you call it mop hockey or mop soccer, cleaning the floors becomes a whole lot more fun when you get to toss a ball around! Your kiddo can mop solo or clean with a family member by passing the ball to and fro in the rooms that need mopping.

Having a chore chart is something that can also motivate your little helper and make them feel accomplished. They can use it to check off every chore they did, even if it wasn’t completed to perfection! Because at the end of the day, it’s always the effort that counts.