How Are the Parents Doing?

Many parents are stepping into the shoes of remote workers, temporary educators, and part-time playmates as they embrace this new reality. Juggling parenting, working from home, or taking care of loved ones is a different experience for every family – and we want to celebrate these experiences! So, we turned to the parents on our team and asked them about the peaks and valleys of staying at home with the little ones.

Here is what they shared:

“The best part for me is being able to spend so much extra time with my daughter. Along with the daily stresses come the kisses, cuddles, and laughter. Once we found our groove, it turned into a partnership of sorts. A bonding experience.”

– Alexandra

“The best part about being home with my kids is that I get to spend my lunch hour with them and I get to see them right after I finish work. Through home schooling and extra play time, I’ve gotten to know more about my kids than I ever did before!”

– Maria


“I think every situation has a bright side! The fact that I can see more of my child as she grows up is almost like a dream! I see her as she wakes up in the morning, as she discovers different flavors while she eats, as she says ‘Hello!’ to ladybugs and ants, or as she tries to say new words (even though she always ends up with “PAPA,” she gives me hugs, kisses and smiles!). And all of this is happening because I have my sunshine right beside me every day!”

– Ananda

“Staying at home has always been something I have wondered about, and having it become a reality is a true eye opener. Finding new and interesting activities is challenging. Who knew that Hide & Seek would be the favourite game of two eight-year old’s? (We live in a small house and hiding options are minimal!) Our children have also become adept at being super quiet, which is no small feat in and of itself. Is it bad to say that sometimes it takes a little longer than normal to find them? In any case, spending this extra time with our boys has been a gift.”

– Julie

Some also gave their personal parenting tips:

“My piece of advice is to work as a team. Split the parenting between the two of you (if you can) and plan your day so your little one does not feel left out. My husband and I are both working from home and I start early, while he starts his day later. That way, my two-year old son has one-on-one time with Daddy in the morning, and with Mommy at the end of the afternoon.”

– Véronique

“Every day is different, and I try to remain realistic about what I can accomplish. The best advice I can give any parent in this situation is to stay patient with YOURSELF. Do not expect perfection on any front, whether that is work-related or with your child’s behavior, or even on the home front. There will be toys everywhere, you may not complete all the tasks you set out to do that day, but you are doing the best you can!”

– Alex

And we applaud all of the parents that are doing the best for their families! There is no one way to navigate a different day-to-day, but what’s great to keep in mind is that we’re all in this together.