Little Learner’s Toy Kit

We’ve always stood by the idea that playing and learning can be easily combined. That a playroom can double as a classroom where children learn about English, mathematics, science, and art – all through the power of play. And to help you pick which playful teaching tools to use, we’ve put together an educational toy kit for you and your little learner!

For Math

Battat Cash Register

There’s a ton of mathematical fun in store with this cash register! Since this toy doubles as a working calculator, your child can learn numbers 0 through 9 and get familiar with the concepts of addition and subtraction as they ring up fruits and veggies and give change to their pretend customers (that’s you, parents and siblings). Cha-ching!

For English

Hide & Seek Alphabet

From A for Apple to Z for Zebra! Your kiddo can learn the letters of the alphabet by popping up each flap and discovering the corresponding illustrations. They can also memorize the order of the letters, practice pronouncing each one, and discover shapes, colors, and numbers as they pop, pop, pop their way around the board!


Take-Apart Airplane

As your child figures out how to build an airplane piece by piece, their mind will be working in a logical way. In turn, this can help them improve their problem-solving skills and gain better cognitive skills. And if your mini engineer prefers land vehicles, they can have just as much fun assembling and disassembling our take-apart crane, roadster, or 4×4!

For Art

Musical Light Show Mic

Art doesn’t necessary equal drawing, painting, or crafts! Putting on a pretend concert and singing your heart out encourages creative self-expression, boosts confidence, and can improve your little performer’s memory skills and ability to communicate. And who knows, maybe their living room jams will lead to choir practice one day!


Shape Sorter Cube + Stacking Rings Duo

English? Math? Geometry? Art? Yes to all! This toy combo is packed with educational features – the A-B-C blocks are a stepping stone to learning the alphabet, the 1-2-3 pieces can help your little student count, the shape sorter introduces them to different shapes and improves their matching skills, while the stacking rings lets them explore a variety of vibrant colors!

These educational toys can complement any class you choose to have at home and will add a dash of fun to every lesson!

This blog post is dedicated to all of the parents who are juggling work, parenting, a new teaching job, everyday tasks, and so much more. You inspire us every day!

This post is not intended as a substitute for the educational advice of professional teachers.