What Does “Family” Mean to You?

Whether you’re stepping away from your home office to enter the land of make-believe that your little one dreamed up, planning educational lessons from the comfort of your living room, or baking mud pies out in the backyard during the weekends, one thing is for certain – there’s a whole lot of family time going around. So in honor of parents and kiddos everywhere, we decided to check in with our Battat fans to find out more about what defines “family” for them!

Family Mottos

Respect Everyone’s Perspective & Always Be Kind. @rokketqueen66


Have Fun Every Day! @mamamorris_


Be Kind. Be Patient. Be Yourself. @seagermama


Be Kind, Be Positive, and Do Your Best. @adibeigelman


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Catherine Lessman, of Miss Catherine, @themisscatherine

Family Values

“The first thing you notice when you step into our home is the mess. Time is so precious, and so are our twin girls, and so we will always choose to cuddle with them 5 more minutes than to put every single toy in place. They will probably remember the piles of unfolded laundry, or that the kitchen sink was almost always full, but if we’ll do things right, they will know that it wasn’t the thing that mattered the most, and that they always came first.” @adibeigelman

“I really try to teach my children the value of kindness even at a young age. These are scary and unpredictable times, and a little kindness goes a long way. It doesn’t have to be big. It can be grabbing a can of soup or a bag of flour at the store that a neighbor has been looking for because she’s out.” @seagermama

“We’re quite chill as a family, we’re always outside having fun! We have no routine as such, we just go with the flow. Pip is very clever – whatever we’re doing, she wants to see what’s going on! If my husband is fixing something, she will go get a screwdriver out of the drawer and try to help him. She also knows some things have batteries, so if she thinks they’re broken, she will get the batteries and try to fix the thing herself. So, for a 2-year-old she’s very switched on and I think it’s important for us as adults to feed that curiosity and to let them discover!” @mamamorris_

Favorite Family Activities

At this moment, we have established a daily family walk and we go on the same loop around the neighborhood. We have started to play “I spy” with our little guy, pointing out the neighborhood “monuments” like the truck on the corner or the bike in the driveway. We walk down to a neighborhood lake where we watch little ducklings hatch and start to grow. It is such a nice break in our day and it makes us all feel better! Catherine Lessman, of Miss Catherine, @themisscatherine

“Every day that daddy’s at home, he puts on some kind of music before bedtime and arranges a dance party for us that ends our day perfectly!” @adibeigelman

“We used to love going to new places and enjoy the local food scene. We like to make it fun for the kids by visiting museums, zoos, and aquariums. Now that we stay safe at home, we have been using our time to be creative. We craft every day and find new ways to play with the toys we have!” @seagermama

“Our number one family activity is creating together and doing pretty much anything outside!” @rokketqueen66

With summer well on its way, we’ll surely be soaking in the sunshine! And no matter what you choose to do, we encourage you all to spend time with those you love.