Water & Sand Toys for the Summer

Combine sunshine, fresh air, and our beach and sand toys for fun-filled outdoor play this summer! Whether you’re headed to the beach, the park, or just to your backyard, our outdoor toys will have your little one giggling and learning all day long. What are you waiting for? Grab your hat, sunscreen, and water bottle, then head outside for some scrapbook-worthy moments.

1. Sand Castle Play Set

Summertime and sandcastles go hand-in-hand—take your next building session at the beach or sandbox to a whole other level with this colorful playset! It comes with 9 different sand molds to spark your kiddo’s creativity. Will they build a super-tall watchtower or a protective fortress? The only limit is their imagination! There’s also a shovel scoop and hammer tool to help them dig up sand then pack it into the molds. Playing with sand is not just a ton of fun—it’s also a great sensory activity! Your mini architect can build their tactile skills as they feel the texture of sand as they play.

2. Play Buckets

Make memories and new discoveries with our Play Buckets this summer! Each one comes with a different interactive feature for hours of fun and exploration under the sun. The red bucket has a removable bottom—fill the bucket up with water, pop out the bottom, then see what happens! Then, look inside the blue bucket for a fun surprise. You’ll find a magnifying glass on the bottom! Take it around to get a closer look at nature’s wonders: your curious kiddo can find out what a seashell, sand, or leaves look like way up close! Finally, pour away with the green bucket—it comes with a hole on the side. What happens when you cover the hole with your hand, fill the bucket to the top, then remove your hand? There’s so much to learn with these colorful water toys.

3. Pirate Diving Set

Ahoy mateys! This summer, embark on an underwater quest to find all the precious treasures in this playset. It comes with shiny gemstones, gold coins, a toy ship and more—toss the weighted toys into a pool and let the fun begin! No pools around? No problem! These toys are also great for scavenger hunts: hide them in your backyard or at the park, write down some clues for your kiddo, and get searching! And when the hunt is over, all the pool toys fit neatly inside the chest to store away before your next adventure.

What are your favorite ways to play with our beach and sand toys? Let us know @battattoys.