DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

As we approach the end of the school year, let’s take a moment to show our appreciation to teachers. Thank you, teachers, for your hard work, patience, and dedication to enriching and broadening the minds of little ones—every school year, but especially this one! Here are some DIY teacher appreciation gifts you and your kiddo can make, right at home.

1. Handmade Card

You can’t go wrong with a classic handmade card! Before you get started, encourage your child to reflect on the past school year and think about how their teachers helped them learn. Then, come up with a simple thank you message together to write in the card. If your kiddo needs a little inspiration, ask them questions to get their mind going! They could list a few reasons why they think their teacher is great or some of their favorite things they learned this year. Then, break out the colored markers, construction paper, and any other fun craft supplies you have, and let your little one get crafting!

2. DIY Bookmark

When teachers aren’t helping little ones discover the joy of reading, they might enjoy a good book themselves! A DIY bookmark from your kiddo is a great handmade gift that their teachers can put to use. All you need is some card stock paper and markers to decorate it with. You could also add fun stickers or create a tassel out of string or ribbon for a special finishing touch. Encourage your little one to write a special message or compliment on it—it’s sure to put a smile on their teacher’s face whenever they open their book!  

3. Drawing

Calling all mini artists! It’s time to use your talents to show your appreciation for your teachers. This is a great opportunity for kiddos to get creative—and it makes for a super special gift. There are endless possibilities here: you could ask your little one to illustrate one of their favorite learning moments or go abstract with their favorite colors. Why not explore a new medium? See what your child create with pastels or glitter glue! Whatever your little one comes up with, it’s sure to make a unique decoration for their teacher’s (virtual) classroom.

We’d love to see your DIY teacher appreciation gifts! You can send them over to us at @battattoys.