Toys for Parent-Child & Grandparent-Grandchild Bonding 

Playtime doesn’t have to just be for the kids… grown-ups can get in on the fun too! In fact, playing a game with your child or getting involved in their imaginary world opens up endless opportunities for bonding. Try out these family bonding activity ideas with our toys to create many memorable moments with your child or grandchild!

1. Let’s Play Golf

Whether you’re an avid golfer or new to the sport yourself, our Let’s Play Golf set makes for a great active parent-child bonding activity. Including 2 golf clubs, 2 golf balls, and 2 putting cups, this kid-friendly golfing set comes with everything you need for a fun-filled family day! Make some space in your living room or head to the backyard to start the putting fun. You and your child could take turns placing the putting cups in tricky positions for a little friendly competition—whoever gets the ball in the cup with the least amount of strokes, wins!


2. Musical Tea Set

This colorful tea set takes teatime to the next level with fun music and realistic sound effects! Swap roles and let your kiddo take charge of playtime—they can “brew” tea by lifting the teapot’s lid, “serve” it in the lil’ cups, then press on the teapot’s flowers to play catchy tunes. Then, build on your kiddo’s imaginary world by asking them questions about it! Try asking them: “Are we in a busy cafe or on a picnic blanket in a calm field?” or “What kinds of scents can you smell?” Your little one can build their language skills through this sweet activity.

3. Battat Cooking Set

Cook up a storm with your little one with the Battat Cooking Set! With tons of different play kitchen accessories, you and your kiddo can make the make-believe meal of your dreams! First, ask your child what their favorite foods are and decide on a dish to create. Then, come up with a plan. Which kitchen toys will you need? And how many steps are in your recipe? This imaginative activity can get your kiddo’s creative gears turning and help prepare them for the real thing when they’re older!

4. Hide & Seek Alphabet & Alphabet Cache-Cache (French)

With 50 flaps to open and discover, our Hide & Seek Alphabet makes for a great educational memory game. There are letters, colors, numbers, and shapes to explore with your kiddo—and plenty of giggles to share! With your little one, take turns asking each other what’s hiding behind each flap. First one to get 10 right, wins! If your family also speaks en français at home, this alphabet toy comes in French too. Plus, both of these learning toys come with a convenient handle, so you can share a special bonding moment, wherever you are!

5. Magnetic Fishing Set

Our Magnetic Fishing Set comes with 2 kid-friendly fishing rods and 4 magnetic fish for tons of family fishing fun. You can take playtime anywhere: to the beach, the backyard, or the living room! Once you’ve set everything up, it’s time for your big fishing expedition. Try working as a team with your kiddo—see how fast you can reel in all the fish together! There’s nothing like celebrating a win together after some hard work.

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