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French Alphabet Toy - #BT2620

L is for Lapin, and P is for Poisson!

Fun flaps and playful pictures — a duo that is sure to add up to tons of fun! This educational toy has 50 pop-up flaps for your curious kiddo to explore. Learn all 26 letters of the alphabet, practice counting to 10, memorize 10 different colors, and discover 4 geometric shapes — all in French! As your child pop, pop, pops their way around the board learning new French words, they'll also be improving dexterity! This alphabet toy is also great for working on memory skills — once your child is familiar with the illustrations on the flaps, ask them what's hiding under each one to see if they remember. One interactive toy, so many educational benefits!

1 PIECE: 1 alphabet board in French.

What you should know:

  • A colorful French alphabet board with surprises behind all 50 pop-up flaps!
  • Explore letters, words, shapes, numbers, and colors in French while developing fine motor skills.
  • Easily portable — just grab the handle and learn on-the-go!
  • This alphabet toy is recommended for kids 3 years and older.