Summer Toys for Kids: Let’s Have Fun in the Sun, with Water Toys!

Ah, summer! School’s out, the living is easy, fish are jumping, and the toys are fun! Summer is the best season for kids to get outside and do what kids do best…play! And, with the right summer toys for kids, they’ll have so much fun they won’t want to go back in until fall.

The good news is picking out summer toys for kids is as easy as putting on flip flops. By engaging kids with fun activities, they’re more likely to get off the couch and away from those pesky screens. My family’s goal has always been less screen time, more play time, especially in the summer!

So, which summer toys for kids will be the biggest hits this season? We dug deep in our toy chest (which happens to be the Battat Pirate Diving Set, but more on that below) to give you our best pics. At Battat, we have you covered better than a good hat and sunscreen (of course, you should always remember to cover up!).

Rule the Pool with Awesome Water Toys and Pool Toys!

Pirate Treasure Hunt:

Ahoy there! Got a little pirate in the house? Blimey! Here’s a jolly good idea for the seadogs in your family: a pirate treasure hunt! Start with Battat’s Pirate Diving Set. This 28-piece summer toy includes plenty of booty for little treasure hunters to discover. Toss the toys into a pool (the weighted loot sinks to the bottom). Each treasure hunter takes turns diving for the lost loot. Whoever gets all the treasure in the chest first wins. Please note: this water toy is recommended for pirates 8 years old and up. Don’t have a pool? No problem! Hide the loot in your yard and draw a treasure map to the lost booty.

Battat Pirate Diving Set for kids, bath toys, pool toys, summer toys

Battat Pirate Diving Set for Kids

Fishing Derby

Here’s a fun little game to reel in this summer. Invite your BFFs (best fishing friends) over for a fishing derby. Game on! The Battat Magnetic Fishing Set is all you need to catch the big one (well, patience helps too…it’s fishing after all). This cool fishing toy set includes 2 wind-up rods and 4 magnetic fish to catch and release. The winner gets the candy! And, the best part is you can play this game almost anywhere: kiddie pool, the beach, even the bathtub! When you’re done for the day, just pack the toy fish and rods in the handy carrying case and they’re ready for the next fishing trip.

Whatever summer toys you choose, please remember to always have adult supervision when in the water and play safe!