Make Bath Time Fun Time!

Let’s face it, kids love getting dirty! Don’t let their small size fool you—whether it’s spilling food, chasing siblings at the park, or roughhousing with pets—little ones are big dirt magnets. Unfortunately, though, bath time isn’t always fun time for some tots. And, with threats to contend with like slipping in a soggy tub or the dreaded shampoo in the eyes, who can blame them?

Game on! Here’s an idea that might help clear the water: put some toys in the tub and make bath time another chance to play. Yay! By making fun—not cleanliness—the priority during the bath, your little one will be both happy and clean!

Splish, splash, let’s take a bath! Battat is here to the rescue with some cool toys to raise your toddler’s bath game. The Bath Buddies Bundle is a great bath toy for toddlers who love to squeeze and splash. All 12 Bath Buddies included are shaped like cute and colorful little water animals. There’s a turtle, a whale, a seal, and, of course, a classic rubber ducky! After all, what bath toy set would be complete without an iconic rubber duck toy! Fill the squirt toys up with water and rinse baby down with a gentle squeeze. Then, let them squeeze some water on you. It’s a messy game, but fun for everyone!

Battat Bath Buddies Bundle

Battat’s Rain & Shine Bath Bar is another fun water game for kids. It includes 6 removable water toys on a bar that attaches to the wall with suction cups. An adorable little bee squirts water from his perch on a flower cup. Below the flower, a faucet opens and closes to release water. Just wait until your toddler sees water trickle down the cloud, causing the sun to spin ’round and ’round. This bath time game is not only fun, but it also introduces little ones to the cause-and-effect concept.

No matter which bath toy you choose, be sure to clean toys that go in the tub carefully. To avoid water accumulation, which can lead to soap-scum and mold, we have an easy cleaning method using natural and non-toxic products. Fill a bowl with about 4 cups of hot water. Add 1/4 cup of vinegar and 2 tablespoons of baking soda (you can also add in a few drops of baby-safe essential oils like eucalyptus or mandarin). Place toys in the liquid and suck some of it into the toys to clean inside. Let sit overnight, rinse thoroughly in the morning, and voila—your baby bath toys are ready for the next bathtub playtime!