New Toys for Spring

May flowers have come early this year—we’ve got a brand-new batch of educational toys to share with you! Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift for a grandchild, have a new kiddo in the family, or want to congratulate a preschool graduate, we’ve got you covered. With the help of these colorful and durable toys, you’ll be hearing a whole lot of “ahas” and “wows” from your kiddo this spring!

1. Count & Sort Cube

A familiar favorite gets fresh update with bright colors and a sleek design—for kiddos and adults alike, our Count & Sort Cube is a sight for sore eyes! These colorful blocks aren’t just for show though, they make excellent tools for teaching colors to your little one: as your child pops them into the wooden shape sorter, call out their colors. Then, encourage them to name them themselves! They’ll be improving their fine motor skills while learning new words! Not to mention, there are numbers printed on the blocks, so your curious kiddo can practice number recognition and counting too! Too easy? This classic toy is also great for practicing addition and subtraction, as well as learning geometric shapes.

2. Pound & Count Bench

Hammering toys are great for improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination—and our Pound & Count Bench comes with even more educational and developmental benefits! This study wooden toy offers a fun demonstration of cause-and-effect: when your little one hammers down on one peg, they’ll see another pop right up! These colorful pegs are determined to fill playtime with learning and laughter—each one features a bright color, number, and facial expression! You could even use this developmental toy to teach your child emotional skills by asking them to identify the emotions expressed by each lil’ peg.

3. Red Calculating Cash Register with Scanner & Blue Calculating Cash Register

The only thing better than 1 new cash register toy is 2 new cash register toys! Take your pick: one comes in a bright blue and the other is red with a toy scanner. Both feature a working calculator, play money, a pretend credit card, and sound effects, so either would make an excellent gift for your growing child or grandchild. Their realistic features and accessories make for magical pretend play moments—with a little imagination, your kiddo could travel to a pretend box office of a movie theatre or behind the make-believe counter of a bakery. Add our Farmers Market Basket into the mix and your little one could have their very own pretend fruit stand in the living room or backyard!

4. All Aboard Train Set

Hop on the education express with our All Aboard Train Set! This colorful train set comes with 19 train tracks, so little ones can get creative—they could build a biiiiig loop, a figure eight, or come up with their own unique pattern. Whatever shape they decide on, they’ll be improving their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they construct it! And with 3 magnetic train cars, there’s even more fine motor fun to be had. This set also comes with 7 railroad signs—you could create different scenarios with them to help your little one practice their social and problem-solving skills. Use the railroad crossing sign to teach them patience or block off one of their paths to encourage creative thinking!

Which of these toys are you most excited about? Let us know @battattoys!