Family Spa Day at Home

Sweet smells, calming music, and plenty of pampering—who doesn’t love the spa? Share the rest and relaxation with your whole family with a spa day right at home! This parent-child bonding activity has plenty of opportunity for creativity and learning, as well as for quiet moments of comfort. Try it out for Mother’s Day this year, or any day of the year!

1. Decorations & Snacks

Get into the spirit of spa day by making handmade decorations with your kiddo! After all, your living room isn’t just any ordinary room today, but a special space for fun and relaxation. You can personalize the space with decorations that suit your mood! Want to recreate the calm and serenity of a day spa? Make delicate tissue paper flowers with your little one and set some flameless candles around the room. Or maybe you’d prefer something more vibrant? Liven up your room with balloons and construction paper signs in bright colors. And of course, there’s always the option of breaking out the glitter for some glitz and glam! Once your decorations are in order, prepare some snacks to keep your bellies happy the whole day. Pretzels, cut up fruit and veggies, and cheese cubes are great kid-friendly finger food options. Add a cup of juice (or tea for the adults) and you’re all set!

2. DIY Face Masks

There’s no need to leave the house for pampering supplies—you can make face masks out of natural ingredients found right in your kitchen! Look for bananas, avocados, coconut oil, and other ingredients with nourishing properties to make your DIY face masks. Not only does this activity result in a luxurious face mask for you and your kiddo, it can also bring tons of learning and laughter to your at-home skincare lab! With different textures to touch and mash with their hands, children can build their tactile skills through this sensory activity. Once you and your child have concocted your handmade face masks, slice up a cucumber to rest on your eyes, and get ready to relax!

3. Foot Bath

Foot baths can be fun for all—adults get to give their feet some TLC while kiddos discover fun bubbles and scents. Fill up buckets with warm water and bubbly soap, put on your comfiest bath robes, then kick back and relax! As you and your little one are soaking and unwinding, you could embrace the moment of relaxation by doing a meditation exercise together. Or, keep things active with a water toy: our Play Buckets are equipped with fun features for your kiddo to explore the soapy water with. They could use the blue bucket’s magnifying glass to get a closer look at all the little bubbles in the tub! There are tons of ways to make this special activity your own—all it takes is a little creativity.

How do you like to unwind with your little one? We’d love to know @battattoys!