Gift Guide: Learning Toys

At Battat, we believe that kids learn best when they’re having fun. That’s why we make educational toys parents and kids love! So, what are you waiting for? These learning toys are perfect for any occasion!


Age: 12 Months +

Why you’ll love it: A fresh spin on the classic activity cube, loaded with a whopping 7 sides of fun.

Try this: Introduce little ones to colors, numbers, and time using the rainbow clock!

Special feature: Top panel features bead mazes, city vehicles, and citizens on fun tracks!

What kids will practice: Fine motor and pattern-recognition skills.

Lock & Learn Activity Cubes

Age: 2 Years +

Why you’ll love it: Unlock stacking, sorting, and key-matching fun with loads of colorful shapes!

Try this: Have kiddos stack the boxes to create the tallest tower!

Special feature: Color-coded keys and easy, nesting storage.

What kids will practice: Fine-motor, problem-solving, and matching skills.

Calculating Cash Register

Age: 3 Years +

Why you’ll love it: This toy cash register doubles as a working calculator so kids can run their own pretend shop and have fun ringing up anything in the house.

Try this: Put prices on household items and ask kiddos to add up the total. Challenge older kids by asking for your change!

Special feature: The till fits real US bills and the scanner beeps just like at the store!

What kids will practice: Counting, basic math, money handling.

Take-Apart Airplane

Age: 3 Years +

Why you’ll love it: With 21 pieces, kids will love building their way through this educational take-apart toy!

Try this: Help kiddos gather all the pieces into different piles according to their bit shapes before building.

Special feature: The battery-powered drill comes with 3 bits and turns in two directions!

What kids will practice: Problem-solving, pattern matching, fine motor function.

Hide & Seek Alphabet

Age: 12 Months +

Why you’ll love it: 26 letter tabs “pop” up when pushed to reveal a picture of a word starting with each letter of the alphabet. Time to A-B-C!

Try this: Ask little ones to find the letter that goes with their favorite pictures. “Squirrel starts with ‘S’, can you find the squirrel?

Special feature: Also includes a row of colors and everyday items numbered 1-10 for even more learning fun!

What kids will practice: Hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition.

Pound & Count Bench

Age: 12 Months +

Why you’ll love it: Colorful and expressive pegs introduce toddlers to numbers and different emotions as they enjoy endless peg play.

Try this: Call out colors, numbers, or emotions and ask kiddos to point them out!

Special feature: Every time a peg gets pounded down with the mallet another pops up!

What kids will practice: Gross motor skills, cause-and-effect.

Count & Sort Cube

Age: 12 Months +

Why you’ll love it: Stylish Montessori-inspired wooden construction with plenty of colored shapes to keep little ones learning.

Try this: Give kiddos one shape at a time and count aloud from 1-10 for them to introduce numbers as they sort!

Special feature: The shapes are numbered to introduce counting.

What kids will practice: Fine motor function, shape recognition.

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