November 13, 2022

Gift Guide: Learning Toys

We at Battat Toys believe that learning is key. That’s why we make educational toys parents and kids love! So, what are you waiting for? Put tried-and-true learning toys from Battat under the tree this holiday season!


CurioCity Wooden Activity Cube for Toddlers

Age: 12 Months +

Why you’ll love it: A fresh spin on the classic activity cube, loaded with a whopping 7 sides of fun.

Try this:  Introduce little ones to colors, numbers, and time using the rainbow clock!

Special feature: Top panel features bead mazes, city vehicles, and citizens on fun tracks!

What kids will practice: Fine motor and pattern-recognition skills.

Lock & Learn Activity Cubes

Stacked lock & learn cubes with shapes and keys

Age: 2 Years +

Why you’ll love it: Unlock stacking, sorting, and key-matching fun with loads of colorful shapes!

Try this: Have kiddos stack the boxes to create the tallest tower!

Special feature: Color-coded keys and easy, nesting storage.

What kids will practice: Fine-motor, problem-solving, and matching skills.

Calculating Cash Register

Toy cash register.

Age: 3 Years +

Why you’ll love it: This toy cash register doubles as a working calculator so kids can run their own pretend shop and have fun ringing up anything in the house.

Try this: Put prices on household items and ask kiddos to add up the total. Challenge older kids by asking for your change!

Special feature: The till fits real US bills and the scanner beeps just like at the store!

What kids will practice: Counting, basic math, money handling.

Take-Apart Airplane

Assembling the take-apart plane with the toy drill

Age: 3 Years +

Why you’ll love it: With 21 pieces, kids will love building their way through this educational take-apart toy!

Try this: Help kiddos gather all the pieces into different piles according to their bit shapes before building.

Special feature: The battery-powered drill comes with 3 bits and turns in two directions!

What kids will practice: Problem-solving, pattern matching, fine motor function.

Hide & Seek Alphabet

Age: 12 Months +

Why you’ll love it: 26 letter tabs “pop” up when pushed to reveal a picture of a word starting with each letter of the alphabet. Time to A-B-C!

Try this: Ask little ones to find the letter that goes with their favorite pictures. “Squirrel starts with ‘S’, can you find the squirrel?

Special feature: Also includes a row of colors and everyday items numbered 1-10 for even more learning fun! 

What kids will practice: Hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition.

Pound & Count Bench

Age: 12 Months +

Why you’ll love it: Colorful and expressive pegs introduce toddlers to numbers and different emotions as they enjoy endless peg play.

Try this: Call out colors, numbers, or emotions and ask kiddos to point them out!

Special feature: Every time a peg gets pounded down with the mallet another pops up! 

What kids will practice: Gross motor skills, cause-and-effect.

Count & Sort Cube

Shape sorting cube toy.

Age: 12 Months +

Why you’ll love it: Stylish Montessori-inspired wooden construction with plenty of colored shapes to keep little ones learning.

Try this: Give kiddos one shape at a time and count aloud from 1-10 for them to introduce numbers as they sort!

Special feature: The shapes are numbered to introduce counting.

What kids will practice: Fine motor function, shape recognition.

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