10 Play Ideas for Fun at Home

Spending quality time with your kids at home offers a chance to create cherished memories, ignite their imagination, explore new learning experiences, and, of course, engage in play! Here are 10 screen-free and hands-on activities for your children to enjoy in the comfort of your home or in a sunny backyard.

A child playing with a shape sorter house toy.

Education Station

Turn the living room into a classroom and help your child practice the alphabet, explore numbers, learn different shapes, or discover animals! They’ll walk back into the classroom with their head held high.

Little Artist

Making art is an opportunity for self-expression! By bringing toys to life in a silly sketch, painting what’s right out the window, or sculpting from the imagination, your budding artist can learn to express themselves and communicate in a visual way.

Driveway Designs

Think of the driveway as another blank canvas, grab some chalk, and get creative! Write a kind message for your family or a passerby, draw whatever you dream up that day, or just play a game of hopscotch.

Sand Castles

Got a sandbox in the backyard? Then step into the sunshine and have some sandy fun with cups, buckets, molds, shovels, and whatever you might need to build the tallest tower or the biggest sandcastle (and improve fine motor skills while you’re at it!).

Listening Walk

Keep your ears peeled as you take a walk around the block – is that a cat meowing? A bus passing by? Your own steps on the pavement? A listening walk is sure to engage your kiddo’s sense of hearing – not to mention all of the Vitamin D!

Jump, Crawl, and Play

Take balls, baskets, hoops, pillows, or chairs, and build an obstacle course for your child! Going on this active adventure will result in a fair bit of physical activity, which in turn is great for your little one’s healthy development.


Mini Sous-Chef

Mix up cooking and learning by teaching your child an important life skill while you make something yummy! They can pretend to cook alongside you with their own set of cooking tools or lend a hand with the real dinner.

Toy Hunt

Play hide-and-seek with toys! Hide some of your kid’s smaller toys such as little animals or cars in places that they can easily reach and make sure they have a bucket or basket to collect them in before they start the search. You can always help them out with a game of hot and cold!

Tea Party

Round up your favorite stuffed animals, serve some treats, and pour the tea! Whether you’re sipping on Earl Grey or using a pretend play set, a tea party is a great way for your toddler to improve their social skills and learn about the importance of sharing.

Musical Show

Put on a show and fill the home with music! Create a little stage area, set up some musical toys or a microphone, make sure there’s space for an audience, and get this musical show on the road!

A kid playing with a singing tea pot toy.

Cabin fever? We don’t think so.