5 Unexpected Ways to Play

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Sort & Stack Set: Can You Remember?

Stack ‘em up, knock ‘em down, count to 10, sort some shapes, and… play a memory game! Start out by choosing three cups and one shape. Then, turn over the cups, place a shape under one of them, and tell your little one to pay attention as you move the cups around. Finally, get them to guess where the shape is hiding! This simple game won’t just come with a side of smiles and giggles, but it can also improve your child’s memory and concentration skills.

Pirate Diving Set: Word Association

When the name of a toy includes the word “diving,” its use is pretty easy to guess! But what about a play idea that has nothing to do with pools, swimming, or splashing? As an alternative, you can use this pirate-inspired set to fuel your little one’s imagination. Drop a shark, seahorse, gem, bone, coin, and the pirate ship in a bag and tell your toddler to dive in and pull out one item. You can then use it to start a word association game – ask your child to say a word that relates to the item, then you say something that relates to their word, and so on. Play until there are no more words left to say, then reach for another item!

Battat Grocery Cart: Pretend Parenting

The magic of pretend play can easily turn this grocery cart into a stroller or a crib on wheels! Your child can place a little blanket in the roomy basket and take their favorite doll for walk or lull their teddy bear to sleep in their make-believe nursery. Whether they’re curious about their tiny sibling or they want to know more about babies in general, pretend parenting can show them the importance of care and it can help them develop a sense of empathy.

Every toy can take on a new life – all you need to do is press play on imagination!