Puppy Care Vet Kit

Play Vet Kit & Plush Dog - #BT2749

Step into a vet’s shoes with the Puppy Care Vet Kit from Battat Toys! This kids’ veterinary playset comes with a cuddly plush dog and a range of realistic play vet tools for tons of pretend play fun. Is your plush pup feeling under the weather? No worries, after a visit at your pretend vet clinic, they’ll feel better in no time. Make sure to refer to the checklist when your pretend puppy patient arrives! Then, check their heartbeat using the play stethoscope and put a bandage on any boo-boos they have. If they’re feeling hungry, there’s also a yummy can of pretend dog food. When the pretend appointment is over, everything packs neatly inside the pet carrier! Made of worry-free and durable materials, all Battat products meet or exceed EU, U. S. and Canadian safety standards.

11 PIECES: Mini Cage, Plush Dog, 9 Pretend Vet Toys

What you should know:

  • Little Vets: This portable animal clinic comes with an adorable toy puppy and a complete set of pretend pet care toys – including bandage stickers!
  • House Calls: Sturdy puppy crate with easy-to-grab toy medical supplies lets kids bring their plush puppy and playtime anywhere!
  • 11-Piece Set: Includes 1 plush pup, 1 pet carrier, 1 sheet of bandage stickers, 1 vet checklist, 1 stethoscope, 1 pair of tweezers, 1 clamp, 1 syringe, 1 feeding bowl, 1 can of dog food, and 1 dog bone.
  • Developmental Benefits: Helps with social role-play, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Recommended Age: This pretend play toy set is recommended for toddlers 2 years +.