Light & Sound Keys

Toy Car Keys - #BT2575

This colorful toy is the 'key' to an engaging playtime!

Beep beep - fun times coming your way with this realistic key set! Including 3 keys and a car remote, this keychain puts your little one in the driver's seat. Start the make-believe car with one of the colorful and textured keys. When it's time to take the pretend wheel, press on the car remote's buttons for realistic sounds — your kiddo can listen to a car starting, a car alarm, a horn, and a doorbell! There's also a mini flashlight to help you find the way. As your child plays with these tiny hands-friendly pieces, they'll be developing fine motor skills and learning about real-life vehicles. Not to mention, when your baby gets older, this toy key's realistic parts can inspire tons of pretend play adventures! Step into the shoes of a sportscar driver or a forklift operator for the day — the only limit is your imagination.

1 PIECE: 1 set of toy keys.

What you should know:

  • Realistic key set with 3 car keys and a remote.
  • Car remote comes with 4 amusing sounds and a mini flashlight for tons of interactive fun!
  • Two AAA batteries come included.
  • With fun buttons to press and tiny hands-friendly pieces to grasp, this keychain is great for improving fine motor skills.
  • Recommended for mini drivers 6 months and older.