Toys for 3-Year-Olds

Being a 3-year-old is all about curiosity, exploration, learning, wonder, and of course – play. That magical age is right around the time when kiddos start to become more social, form their own ideas, and give independence a try (a whole lot of “I’ll do it!” is a-comin’). To inspire their creative thinking and to help them soak up as much information as possible, here is our selection of toys for 3-year-olds:

A blue, yellow, and red toy shopping cart full off play food.IAn assortment of play food, there are boxed foods, produce, and more.

Take-Apart Toys

Take-Apart Roadster

Part of a child’s curiosity is asking a lot of questions. Chances are you’ll get tons of “What’s that?” “How does it work?” “What’s it made of?” or “What’s inside?” at any moment of the day – and a take-apart toy can satisfy that curiosity. Playing with all of the roadster’s bits & pieces while putting the car together will fuel your little one’s passion for problem solving, develop their fine motor skills, and improve their hand-eye coordination.

Take-Apart Crane

In addition to being a developmental STEM toy, the Take-Apart Crane is perfect for outdoor summer fun! As your little engineer assembles and disassembles this toy crane, they can also bask in some Vitamin D and turn the backyard into their very own construction site with the power of imagination.

A blue, yellow, and red toy shopping cart complete with play food.

Musical Toys

Musical Light Show Mic

Have you noticed that your rising star is always singing along to their favorite songs? Well, it’s never too early to catch a talent – and our Musical Light Show Mic can help them become the vocalist that they are. A microphone can also give your child the confidence to take center stage and it can encourage them to continue singing. Not to mention that the pre-recorded tunes and colorful lights improve your kiddo’s sensory development!

Musical Tea Set

Playtime is served! This tea set gives your little one the opportunity to host a tea party for two (plush pals are invited, of course). As they sip on tea and nibble on delicious cupcakes, they can also sprinkle in some musical magic with 3 different songs. In turn, listening to music boosts cognitive skills, encourages memorization, improves emotional wellbeing, and sparks creativity. Fun and learning can be friends, after all!

Pretend Play Toys

Farmer’s Market Basket

Go by rows and rows of fresh produce at the market, chat with a friendly vendor, dream up delicious recipes, then cook up a feast! With this basket of goodies, your toddler can easily enter the land of make-believe and explore a ton of playful opportunities within. Not to mention that playing with this pretend play set can also improve their communication skills and develop their hand-eye coordination!

A child putting play food into a toy shopping cart.

Cooking Set

Veggie burgers? Tomato soup? Beef stew? Chocolate cookies? With this cooking set, any yummy recipe is possible! All your little foodie needs to do is turn on their imagination. This cooking set lets them boil, fry, flip, mix, roll, decorate, and bake (and learn all of these words while they’re at it!). Once your mini chef’s dishes are ready, they can also take it a step further and host a big pretend dinner with our Deluxe Kitchen Playset!

Whether it’s trucks, musical toys, or playsets that spark creativity, we’ve got something that’ll brighten your little one’s day and yours too – because a happy kiddo equals a happy family. And if there’s one more thing to keep in mind: they’ll only be 3 years old once, so make it memorable and fun!