Summer Activities for Kids: Pool Treasures

We’re moving summer along with another activity for your kiddos to enjoy! This week, we’re diving into fun with a splashy treasure hunt that’ll fuel your little one’s curiosity and help them beat the heat on those hot summer days.

Pool Treasure Hunt

To stay cool, pop in the pool! Splash around, then look on down – there are treasures to be found. Recreate a magical ocean floor filled with “shells” that hold little gems inside them and encourage your little explorer to find the hidden treasure.

What you’ll need:

  • Our Pirate Diving Set that includes gems, coins, sharks, bones, and other sinking toys. Alternatively, you could also use colorful bits and bobs that will sink when you place them into water.


  • A kiddie pool or a large, shallow bucket.


  • A few little bowls to mimic the shells (quantity depends on how many treasures you want to hide!).
A red barn toy for kids with farmer and animal figurines.

Set up the game:

  • Fill the kiddie pool or the bucket with water (depending on the age of your child, you could also do this in the shallow end of a pool or even a bath).


  • Place the gems, coins, or other small, sinking items at the bottom and cover them with bowls. You could place items under each bowl or leave some empty to make the activity a little more interesting!


  • Start the hunt! Have your toddler search for hidden treasures by flipping over the bowls and collecting what they find underneath.

To add an educational twist to the hunt, you can turn this activity into a find-the-pair game. If you’re setting it up with our Pirate Diving Set, grab two blue gems, two orange gems, two sharks, and two bones. Hide the items under the bowls in a random manner and get your kiddo to find the pairs! Not only will this game add a splash of fun to their day, but it will also improve their memory and concentration skills.

Shell-ebrate the good times and don’t forget to share your summer snapshots with us by tagging us @battattoys!