Caring Through Playtime

Your kiddo can turn a tent into a submarine and explore the depths of the sea with a plushy crew. They can drive their mini cars around the streets of a magical city they dreamed up that afternoon. Or they could take the stage with a toy microphone and perform their greatest hits at a sold-out show. Toys unlock the door to the land of make-believe, so your child can enter a world where imagination knows no bounds. And toys have another secret superpower – they can help your little adventurer learn about the importance of caring while they play.

Deluxe Doctor Kit

Mr. Bunny Wabbit? Come on in, we’re ready for you now! Swap out the bedroom for a doctor’s office and take a bunny’s temperature with a thermometer, listen to a doll’s heartbeat with a stethoscope, or make sure the T. rex’s reflexes are in check with a trusty reflex hammer. Opening up this box of medical magic lets your little doctor switch sides with their pediatrician to get a good sense of what it’s like to take care of someone. A doctor can heal the smallest boo-boos or save the day in the biggest way. By stepping into their shoes and using the same tools to treat their toy pals, your child can learn about how helping and healing can turn a frown upside down. Not to mention that becoming a doctor for the day could lessen those little nerves when the time for a real doctor’s visit comes around!

A yellow school bus toy with the stop sign out.

Battat Cooking Set

Ding-ding! Order up! Playing with this set of colorful dishes can inspire your tiny chef to cook up all sorts of delicious recipes. They can stir, boil, fry, bake, and dream up a fantastic feast for the whole family to enjoy. Or they can step up to the plate and help you serve a yummy snack to get a taste of your day-to-day. Whether your kiddo is lending you a helping hand or prepping a dinner for five teddy bears, these colorful pots and pans can also pave the way to caring. A simple set of dishes can show your little foodie that cooking and eating is often a shared experience – and that making food for someone is an act of care.

A yellow school bus toy for kids with the door folded down so 2 figurines can get on the bus.

Battat Vet Kit

Time to get up and take Ms. Snuggles out for her morning walk around the living room – and don’t forget to give her pretend kibble in an hour! Walking and feeding a plush pal falls on the simple side of things, but pretending to own a pet or be a vet could prepare your toddler for the responsibilities that come with a real furry friend. Making sure Ms. Snuggles gets her vaccines can show your little veterinarian that it’s important to care about animals – those who snuggle up next to you during movie night and the wild ones who roam the forests or jungles. Running a vet clinic out of the playroom and using up all the bandages in the house can make your first aid kit run low – but it can also help your child realize that pets can get sick and need a little care just like us, which is where empathy and compassion come in.

A hand holding a toy microphone.IA toy microphone with a cool lights show!

Who knows, maybe these toys could also inspire them to study medicine, become a hero to all pets, or open up their own restaurant one day!

The information above is meant as suggestions only. We always recommend consulting a healthcare provider. For all medical or urgent issues, please contact your health provider immediately.