5 Activities for Kids to Learn About the Environment

It’s never too early for kids to start learning and caring for the environment! With Earth Day fast approaching, take the opportunity to explore the planet’s marvels and learn how to protect it with your little one. Head to the kitchen, the living room, or the great outdoors and follow these fun-filled activities to show your kiddo how they can do their part to keep the Earth happy and healthy.

1. Track Daily Garbage

 How much garbage do you throw out in a day? Find the answer to this question with your child and learn how to be more eco-friendly together!  Set aside a special bin and collect all your garbage inside for a day. At the end of the day, go through the bin with your kiddo and ask them: is there more or less than you expected? Could any of these items be recycled or reused instead? Then, discuss how you might decrease your daily waste—maybe you could buy certain foods in bulk or make a plan for eating up groceries before they go bad. Learning, discussing, and planning for the future with your child makes a great parent-child activity!

2. Sort Garbage & Recyclables

This activity combines our love for the environment with a playtime activity favorite—sorting! Sort your trash into garbage and recyclables together with your kiddo to teach them an environmentally friendly practice they can carry with them as they get older. Depending on your city’s waste services (or maybe you’ve set up a DIY system in your backyard), you could also add “compost” to your sorting categories! After determining your categories, collect some pieces to be thrown out in a big bin, then go through each item with your little one. As you sort, share your recycling knowledge with them! For example, you could teach them to look for recycling symbols on plastics, then check your city’s rules together to find out which types will be accepted.

3. Plant a Garden

Plant a garden together with your child and watch their love for the Earth grow alongside the new plants! Your child might just appreciate the planet that much more by taking care of a piece of it. Plus, putting them in charge of watering and caring for the garden will give them a sense of responsibility! If you don’t have room for a whole garden, planting a seed in a little pot will do the trick too. Or, try regrowing kitchen scraps indoors—put the root of a green onion in a glass of water and watch it grow tall! Is your kiddo curious about their new plant buddy? This activity can easily turn into a hands-on science lesson. As they watch their plant grow, explain to them what’s going on and why it needs water and sunlight. 

4. Go on a Hike

Celebrate the planet by surrounding yourself in its beauty on a hike! On a nice day, pick a trail to explore with your little one—if there are none nearby, walking in the park can be just as special. All it takes is slowing down and taking the time to appreciate the environment! Encourage your kiddo to pay close attention to what they see, hear, and smell. Can they hear birds chirping or water rushing? Maybe they’ll spot new leaves on tree branches or notice a flower’s sweet aroma! Mother Nature has endless treasures to offer—discover them together with your child for a memorable bonding moment. 

5. DIY Instruments

One person’s trash is another’s creative outlet—embrace the second of the 3 R’s and reuse discarded objects for DIY instruments! For this crafting session, challenge yourself and your kiddo to only use materials found in your home. Look in your recycling bin, your kitchen drawers, and living room for empty plastic bottles and tissue boxes, rubber bands, and anything else that could be transformed into musical magic. Add some tape and glue to your crafting table, and you’re all set! When you’ve finished crafting your one-of-a-kind instruments, have a jam session to show them off—or take them to the backyard on a sunny day for an outdoor concert. Along with building their creative thinking skills, this activity can show your kiddo the wonderful possibilities of repurposing objects they already own.

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