3 Cozy Indoor Play Ideas

January is the perfect time for indoor play, whether you’re snowed in with the kiddos or simply in the doldrums of winter break! But what do you do when kids get a lilbored? Battat is here to help with 3 cozy indoor play ideas for little ones (and their parents) that keep things screen-free. So, put on your comfy socks – it’s about to get snug ‘n’ fun!

Storytime & Fun with Letters

What do TV, movies and video games all have in common? They feature stories! And the original screen-free story is the book, so we’ll start there. Make storytime extra cozy by encouraging kids to create a comfy story nook. Pile up soft blankets and pillows, put on some gentle background music, maybe even light a candle out of reach – and begin your chosen “Once upon a time…” story. This is an excellent break between more active play!

After storytime, kiddos might be feeling creative. You can keep the magic flowing by giving them prompts for a puppet show and seeing where their imaginations take them! Or pass them the Hide & Seek Alphabet and remind them that every story starts with ABCs.

Build Together

From crafting stories to building a blanket fort, it’s better to do it together! Channel kids’ energy into making an elaborately cozy retreat where they can be creative and snug as a bug.

Engineering a perfect blanket fort, for example, starts with strong central support. Once you drape an extra-large blanket or sheet over some sturdy pieces of furniture, it’s time to get kiddos involved! The first thing to decide is what kind of fort you want. Is it for quiet time, is it a workshop for their blocks, or maybe a cave full of secrets? Whatever the answer, they’ll probably want lots of blankets! Then, you can add fairy lights for relaxing, toys for playing, or even hide some treats to discover.

Now, cuddle up for a nap or wheel in the Locbloc Wagon to build together beneath a comfy canopy!

Exploring the Kitchen

Young children and messes often go hand in hand, but if they’re going to make a mini mess, it might as well result in a snack! Involving kids in daily chores like meal prep and baking helps them to build a sense of ability and responsibility.

Start small. Ask little ones to get the mixing bowls out of a low cupboard or involve them in stirring a loose batter for pancakes. Toddlers love to do things for themselves, so if you think they’re ready, try mixing cookie dough and rolling it out together!

You can even make fun in the kitchen a learning moment by narrating all the steps in the process (including clean up). Then, ask them what the next step is during future kitchen adventures to see what they’ve learned! If that’s too much, try laying out the Battat Cooking Set so they can put helping hands to pretend work.

Finally, make yourself a snack – you deserve it! But yes, you will have to share most of it with your tiny kitchen helpers.

What are your tried-and-true methods to keep little ones engaged on an indoor play day? Tell us your tips @battattoys, and share your experience with our community!

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